Friday, December 14, 2012

The makeover begins.....

new paint.... Sherwin Williams Agreeable gray at 75%

morning light 

inspired by this and the wreaths & other pompom creations my mom made when I was a child

artwork to be framed and changed out throughout the year....

pieces collected when i was a college student... smitten with a love of europe

which i love to this very day... but have never displayed
All parts of a surprise project which I had hoped to have completed today... a surprise to welcome home my husband after being gone for the past week.  
but alas time constraints, mental blocks, time shared with children prevailed... time well spent!
So now we will finish this project together... rearranging, adding, removing, reconfiguring!  

More often than not the journey shared is just as beautiful (or more so) as the end result!!  

I love you, babe!  

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas 2012 preview

Christmas traditions
The lights have been hung on the eaves with cheer,
                                   take out "Chinese" food has been ordered,
                                                                   Christmas music fills the halls,
                                                                                         the tree is up and decorated,

                                 craft supplies under the tree for upcoming projects,


birds in nests hidden in the boughs,

            hamming up it up for the camera....

                        a boy and his dog, lily! (who forever seems to be in the pictures these days. haha!)

      hand carved stamps inspired by lessons from 2012 Artsy Ornaments Workshop.

Looking forward to the next week of decorating, baking, crafting, and more surprises in store!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Comment verification

I just wanted to give you all a head's up... comment verification has been implemented for the time being as the spam has increased exponentially.   Once it slows back down (or stops completely) I'll drop off the verification.  Thank you so very  much for understanding!  I hope that each and every one of you are enjoying the preparations of this holiday season as it quickly approaches!

Have a wonderful day!

A little dining room bling.... my parent's old chandelier!

Happy Wednesday!

First of all, is it really December?  Because I am sure it has been in the 60's for the past few days.... :)
Okay to be honest I've enjoyed being able to open the windows but a certain fellow in our household is really missing winter.  Okay, make that 3 certain fellows! :)

Not a lot noteworthy going on around here, just pitter pattering about finishing up lots of little projects, going to sporting events, sorting, and such.  One of those projects was getting the old chandelier fixed and put up.  You see when my folks were back here in May for Ian's graduation Mom brought it up rather off-handedly.  In fact her exact words were...

"You don't want that old chandelier, do you?"

I jumped at it immediately... "YES!!, I love it... in fact Chris and I were just talking about it not too long ago."

"Why didn't you say something before we drove up? Oh I knew I should have asked you..."

So after more discussion it was decided that it would be shipped.... a few weeks later it arrives.  Over the years the rivets have loosened and I'm sure its jostling in through the post didn't help any.  Its old shiny brass finish was a worn in places but I didn't care I LOVED it!

So fast forward several months, different colors of spray paint, a hot glue episode, a bit of rewiring, bits of reinforcement and reattaching of all the crystals. 

And now she hangs proudly in our dining room.  You see this old gal has a bit of a history... my parents bought her in 1976 while living in Germany.  She is a bit of a world traveler as she graced our homes in... West Germany, Florida, North Carolina, a long stop in Colorado, a time tucked away in Louisiana.    Fast forward to November of 2010 and she now is proudly graces our home.... in Indiana. And who knows where our travels will take us but she will be sure to come along.

(can you tell we're a bit slow in starting the Christmas decoration process? ha ha! but we are getting there... slowly but surely!)

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Today as I sit here watching the sunrise through the fog shrouded fields I can't help but think of all the many blessings bestowed upon us.  Some little, some large but all precious just the same!

  • a husband who has served his country well and is once again able to be at home to spend this holiday with our family.
  • a son who is employed in this precarious economy, able to work today
  • friends who opened their home to us so that we might share this day with them
  • family far and wide, even though we don't get to see them often we love them dearly and cherish the times when we are together
  • a roof over our heads, small by the standard of some but DEFINITELY more than large enough for our needs... a veritable mansion by the standards of so much of the world... a place we love to call HOME!!
  • a LORD who willingly gave HIS own life as a sacrifice and rose again defeating death, ultimately paying the price for my sin and yours.... a gift, as long as we are willing to accept it.  to ask forgiveness, and have HIM as LORD and SAVIOR of our lives!
  • a country where we are currently able to worship freely and speak freely about our relationship with the LORD, without fear of reprisal and persecution.
  • for another with my family!
  • for friends, near and far... in real life and blog wide.  so many near and dear to my heart!



Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Family room and general updates

Good morning!  Can you believe today is the day?  Election day!  Which means its November!  And the year is almost over... How can that be?!  I know I've been pretty quiet here... okay, really quiet but we also know that isn't all that uncommon for me.  In fact I've discovered something recently.  I'm like this in real life too... sometimes the chatterbox but often times quiet and contemplative.  That's okay because life if moving so quickly right now that its needed!

So what all has been going on... marching band season is over, swim practice (or rather diving practice) has begun, election day, more clutter clearing, family room decorating, Christmas present making, precious times with family, cooking from scratch (FINALLY again!!),  online courses, prepping for traveling abroad (paris in the spring with the middlest),  painting furniture, weekend day trips, youth activities, making apple sauce, and just enjoying life with my family!

The family room has really come along... most of us like the new layout.  There are a few finishing details to attend to such as the sanding of a set of metal drawers and an old chair, playing a game of darts, getting the chandelier fixed, and hanging said chandelier. Oh I forgot to mention dying the remaining set of curtains.  All in time... :)

So in the past few weeks we have gone from this.....

and this....

(functional but something was missing)

to this

Are we 100% done?  No not yet.  Do you see the light fixture on the orange pillow?  

That would be this piece of loveliness!  It was hanging in most of my childhood homes... well my mom sent it to me recently and yes it does need a little work on it, a bit of re-soldiering in a few places, old broken bulbs removed and then this beauty will be hanging in our family room.  Or maybe the dining room.  We are still trying to decide if we should move the ceiling fan into the family room and hang the chandelier in the dining room or just leave things be.  We shall see... all in due time.

Have a wonderful day!  See you at the polls!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Returning from Influence... changed

As I sit here this morning watching the sun rise and the mist evaporate off the fields I can't help but be filled with lingering thoughts.  This weekend was powerful, to say the least!  I've had to take a few days to gather my thoughts and my wits about me.... you see this past weekend I went to the Influence Conference.  It was a weekend of discovery for me.  An emotional weekend.   A time where I met incredible women.  women who influenced me more than they can every know. women who i would dearly like to get to know better.  speakers who provoked deep, soul searching moments (which still continue.) A time where I walked away wrecked yet renewed.  It was a time filled with regret. loss. vulnerability. anticipation. longing. passion. discovery.   Regret.... that i allowed overwhelming fear and anxiety to reduce me to someone i'm not.  Loss... of opportunity to be real, to connect, to reach out to others.  Vulnerable... in discovering that "old demons" had crept back in.  Anticipation... of the days ahead growing closer to the Lord and "returning daily to the cross!" longing... for something that i can't quite put my finger on yet but knowing that God is doing a mighty, mighty work right now!!! Passion... deep and abiding for the man I love and for family (sometimes it takes being away to realize how much you miss them and love them..) Discovering... and knowing... that God has a plan! that it would scare the bejeebas out of me to know it all, but finally, FINALLY being content with that. not a complacent contentment but an all abiding, secure in HIS arms contentment! 

So in the days ahead you will be seeing some changes... what?  I'm not sure.... i just know that the Lord is working on me right now and HE has mighty plans for us.  Yes, I do say us... because I know He is working in our family... on our family.  I can tell you this... its not an easy process. and Satan is working hard as well... he doesn't want to see us submit to the Lord's will.  Will I share all that is going on?  No.... some things are too close to my heart.  Will you still find crafts? and projects? painted furniture? food? the occasional recipe? Most definitely YES!  But that is not all... because there are other things in the works.  ideas ruminating. projects & plans forming. lessons being taught. Exciting days!!  yes the days ahead can be (and will be) frightening but that fear will NO longer control me!!! 

So my hope is that you will embrace the changes with me... because changes there will be most definitely be.   and that you will pray for me... to be true to the changes ahead...  to be open to whatever and where ever the LORD leads... to be fearless in the approaching days.

Thank you...

Monday, October 08, 2012

Influence Conference.... ABC's

Wow, can you believe it is Monday already?  Okay so now its Monday night...(hmm how did that happen?!) Thursday is just around the corner... literally!  

Here is another one of the get to know you questions.... 
A- Accent you wish you had
B- Baking or Cooking?
C- Can't Get Enough.....
D- Drink you can't go without
E-Emotion you get when those Hallmark commercials come on
F-Fictional Character you relate to
G-Guilty Pleasure
H- Hometown
I- Ice Cream Flavor
J- Jumpstart Go To (aka how you get your day started)
K- Keepsake Item
L- Life Verse(s)
M-Memory that makes you smile
N- Non-fiction writer you want to have dinner with
O- Opulent Item You Want (something that is way out of your price range)
P-Pattern You Love
Q- Quirk You Have
R- Relaxing Spot
S- Snow or Sun?
T- TV show you miss
U- Unique Fact About You
V- Valentine's Day ...big deal or not?
W- What's Your Love Language?
X- X-Factor Song You Would Sing (sidenote: I don't watch the show...)
Y- Yoga or Not?
Z- Zealous Dream You Have

A- accent??? I would say Australian but then again maybe an Irish brogue would be interesting... growing up we moved a bit so I had an interesting accent which no one could quite place.  As an adult, my southern accent comes out when I'm tired.
B- Baking or Cooking? both but baking is my passion or preserving... as in making delicious jams & jellies!
C- Can't Get vacations/travel especially since our eldest leaves for college next fall & then the middlest graduates.
D- Drink you can't go without...can't come up with anything here.  love coffee, Constant Comment tea, and Italian sodas though!
E-Emotion you get when those Hallmark commercials come on... all warm & fuzzy inside
F-Fictional Character you relate to... 
G-Guilty Pleasure... sleeping in. (gelato)
H- Hometown... I have no hometown as I'm an Army brat, was in the AF for 6 years, and am married to a military man.
I- Ice Cream Flavor... vanilla because you can add so much to it to customize the flavor each & every time.. think nutella or pumpkin pie spice.  (better yet would be gelato!)
J- Jumpstart Go To (aka how you get your day started) ideally... listening to the birds chirp while watching the sunrise with my fingers wrapped around a hot cup of coffee at my husband's side.
K- Keepsake Item... my grandma's quilt she made my parents & all her hankies, our hutch (hubby's family since civil war)
L- Life Verse(s) Isaiah 40:31
M-Memory that makes you smile.... playing in the "irrigation ditch" at my grandparents.
N- Non-fiction writer you want to have dinner with.... ???? 
O- Opulent Item You Want (something that is way out of your price range) the opportunity to live in Europe (Italy, Ireland, France, and Scotland) or Australia/NZ for a year with my family.
P-Pattern You Love....circles, abstract mushrooms, and solids
Q- Quirk You Have... talking with my hands.
R- Relaxing Spot.... curled up in the corner of the sofa w/ a book on a fall day
S- Snow or Sun? having lived in Florida & Alaska this is hard... so I would have to say its 50/50!
T- TV show you miss  The Walton's & JAG
U- Unique Fact About You... 
V- Valentine's Day ...big deal or not? NOT... why show love only one day a year.
W- What's Your Love Language? physical touch, affirmation, & quality time
X- X-Factor Song You Would Sing (sidenote: I don't watch the show...) never seen the show
Y- Yoga or Not? definitely NOT
Z- Zealous Dream You Have.... to own a coffee/tea shop that served sandwiches (think chicken salad w/ dried cranberries, roasted pecans, and bits of granny smith or crispin apple served on hearty whole grain or croissant) tasty pastries and shelves lined with good books for sale & reading, crafts, and all things paper.

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Get to Know You Part 2... the Influence Conference

Get to Know You Part 2

I have to say I am really enjoying this "series" as there are some vibrant ladies out there that I am getting to know a little better or just meeting in the first place.  I have to admit I am a little nervous!  I mean yes my children are older and I HAVE been away from them before but this coming weekend has a lot going on.  I mean it will be the first time I won't be there for the ISSMA regional marching band competition.  This is big for me.... you see this might be our last year as Sean is undecided about band in his senior year.  I love watching him perform, the smile it brings to his face, and add to it that I won't be there for this weekend's competition (hubby is on crutches due to foot injury) well it makes it hard for me.  But I know in my heart this is what I need to do.... (so pray for me because this is really big.)  Add in the fact that I may actually end up staying down at the conference instead of driving home each night is something even bigger.  Crazy!  but I really am a homebody who truly enjoys being surrounded by her family, even if they are in a different room.  I know that this time next year our eldest will be away at Liberty University studying to be an aviation missionary (yes there have been some great changes since graduation!), our middle will be a senior contemplating his future (possibly helicopters in the Army),  our youngest will just be starting high school and my sweet hubby will be either starring retirement from active duty in the face (or within 3 years of it.)  So change is here for me... and I'm not too sure how I'm doing with it.  But the Lord is truly my strength and I am learning more and more how to lean on Him daily.

So enough of the heavy stuff... lets take a look at today's questions.

What was your favorite food when you were a child?

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?

What is your favorite body part?

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

1. My favorite food as child??? Wow, that is really hard because I have always liked pretty much everything... and to be honest, childhood was a few years ago and honestly my Mom is a great cook and I LOVED all of her food.  Maybe it would have to be spaghetti with my Mom's homemade sauce because it is the one thing that I can remember asking to eat for my birthday... otherwise it would have to be my Mom's pizza.  Mom always made our pizza from scratch and as far as I was concerned there was nothing better than homemade pizza and a night of playing board games.  (they always seemed to go hand in hand!)

2. 30 minutes of free time?  Yes, I have to admit our boys of an age now that 30 minutes of free time is pretty common place.  and what do I do?  read! whether it be a blog post or one of the many books I always have checked out of the library, you will find me reading. (once the family room is complete you will find me crafting once again!!)

3. Have I ever had anything bad happen that turned out for the best?  Yes, meeting my husband and getting married.  Okay that sounds weird but you see I was in a really bad time in my life.  I was angry with God but wouldn't admit it or couldn't admit it... so I was living life my way.... and was miserable.  When I met Chris I was not following the Lord in any way, shape, or fashion.  But the Lord was working on me, bringing people into my life... one of which was Chris whom He was working on as well.  You see Chris accepted the Lord as his personal Lord and Savior within 6 months of our getting married.  It was during that time that I realized how wrong I had been and turned back to the Lord.  Do I regret the life I lived for a number of years... yes because I wasn't serving my Lord but I am so thankful for the husband I have and the man Chris has become in the Lord!

4. Favorite body part?  Eyes.. hands down!  Mine are hazel but they change from brown with a ring of dark grey with gold flecks to green depending on what I am wearing or my mood or how tired I am.  Its kinda funny looking at our family though... my husband has dark brown eyes but our boys' eyes are dark brown, blue, and green. but then if you saw the guys together you would think that they were cousins at the most or maybe friends as they have different color eyes, hair, and complexions!  I have to admit even though the nose isn't my favorite body part on others it is something that I always notice... please don't ask me why because I seriously can't tell you! :)  I just notice noses....

5.  a certain age forever?  Sorry but I just couldn't pick... I think every age has had its good and bad.  I loved being a child, a teenager, a young adult, and now middle aged (ugh, did i actually admit to being middle aged?  did you feel the earth move?  i sure did, ha ha!)  So picking just one certain age is almost impossible... but maybe when I was really young and my parents were still together and we got to spend time on my grandparents farm or on the beaches in southern california.  

So what are your answers?  Let me know... I would love to read your responses in the comments section and have the opportunity to get to know you just a little better!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Getting to know you... Influence Conference

In less than a week I'll be heading down to the "big city" for the Influence Conference!  So in an effort to help all the ladies get to know each other a little better prior to the actual "event" a "Get to Know You" party of sorts is being thrown... 5 questions were asked.  I would love to hear what you have to say so please feel free to respond in the comments.

1.  What is the most played song on your ipod?  

ipod?? Ha ha.. I own I think but it is probably being used by someone else.  However when no one is home I sing to myself.. old hymns, the wrong words to songs such as “I second that Emotion” by Smokie Robinson… for my entire life I thought it was “Secondhand Emotion” it was only when I found an anniversary card this year which contained it that I discovered the “real” words! so needless to say my husband got quite the chuckle out of it and i have to admit the folks in the store gave me some odd looks because i kept giggling to myself while wandering through the store. Ha ha!

2. If you could only work on one project for a year what would it be?

Only one project? Thats easy!! Our house! Yes… the entire thing because well it truly is one HUGE project!! 

3.  What story does you family always tell about you?

My husband is the only one who tells stories about me… his favorite???  Laughing while he tells folks (only friends, never strangers) how “forward” I was when we first met because I introduced myself to him!  What he loves to neglect pointing out is that we had already been talking for several hours and he already knew who I was.  stinker!

4.  The best part of waking up is ____________

having another day with my family and knowing that God is gracious and mighty and that whatever may unfold will not be more than I can endure with His might. knowing that each day is a new slate… :)

5.  What is your favorite time of day, week, month, or year?

Because of my inability to make a decision each season of the year is my favorite time… well except for the hottest part of the summer. I love planting, growing, harvesting, making stuff for others, and the lazy days of spending time with family! being outdoors enjoying God in his creation, starry nights when it is so cold that you can throw boiling water into the air and it evaporates into an icy cloud before it hits the ground, blazing fires in a wood stove, fireflies on a warm summer night surrounded by the ones i love!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

3 Random thoughts...

I know I've not mentioned anything here but in a week I will be attending the Influence Conference just down the road... to say I am excited is a bit of an understatement!  I mean how often is it that you can come together with such a diverse group of ladies with one thing in common... a desire to truly be an influence for the Lord.

My sweet "lil" Lily and me... umm no she isn't sitting.  That's my sweet moose of puppy! The only other girl in the house!  

So in an effort to get to know each other just a little better a "meet and greet" of sorts is being hosted...   
3 random facts of sorts.

Random fact #1:
While dating Chris I made a statement that I would never date a guy that was 19 again as they were too immature and it just wasn't worth the hassle.. he just nodded his head and didn't really comment.  Little did I know that he WAS 19, that's what I got for asking his roommate how old he was.  It was another couple of months later when I discovered how young he was... mmm yeah it was too late by then!  (for the record I'm 5 years older than my husband... he never did act like the "typical" 19 year old!)

Random fact #2:
I am not known for having much fashion sense... in fact I usually have to ask one of the boys what they think.  My favorite outfits nowadays usually includes slightly flared jeans, a beige or black t-shirt, pukka shell necklace or a leather thong necklace plus a scarf and birkenstocks.  If I thought I could get away with a cute skirt and long boots I would so do it!  In all honesty I love skirts but haven't found any recently that were flattering... in fact up until 3 years ago I had not worn jeans or pants of any sorts in 15 years.  My husband bought me a pair of jeans because he said my skirts were frumpy.... all time favorite outfit would be tall boots w/ socks peeking over the top, a skirt just below my knees, a t-shirt and scarf but I can't find boots to fit my chunky calves.  yep i'm curvy... and short! (and maybe just a few years too old for this look.. haha!)

Random fact #3:
I love chocolate but not Hershey's.  it tastes like chocolate flavored paraffin to me... i was spoiled by have good chocolate as a child when we lived in Germany however we now live near an aldi which sells imported chocolate for cheap.  delicious!

As a kid I secretly hoped to have braces, break my leg so I could use crutches, and wear glasses... I had braces, used crutches for an injured knee (what was i thinking on that one) and may get my wish for glasses soon (umm yeah.. what was i thinking??? i'll find out tomorrow....

Have a wonderful day and I so look forward to meeting all those who will be in attendance!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A lettered wall or a gallery wall???

The family room is coming along but currently there are no pictures for a full reveal.  That may be because I am in a bit of a quandary.  Currently I am slightly obsessed with typography... okay in all honesty it is nothing new.  Just ask Chris!  He will be the first one to tell you that I have a love for letters and have for as long as we have been together, whether it be in written, visual, or even auditory!  Yep I love words... which are simply letter strung together (and I'm kinda fond of numbers as well.)   Yet we both really like gallery walls... (in fact we even had them in our home when i was a kid growing up... way back when it wasn't the norm... yep my mom was cutting edge!)

Here are just a few pictures of inspiration I've found while combing the net....


Source: Young House Love  hallway gallery

source: unknown
(found on pinterest but the original source is missing)

And the wall which is driving me to distraction.... the clutter has been cleared, the non-functioning anniversary clock removed so now we are left with a blank slate.

Oh the valances are being changed out for something a bit more substantial and the curtains might be replaced by a set of fine "linen" curtains... okay so they will be made out of drop clothes but it does look a lot like homespun linen.  (yes a fabric that i simply adore!)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Snack Pack Pudding Bakery Shop Collection review

Have you heard about The Dish from Conagra Foods?  Well let me encourage you to take a look... and possibly even sign up.  I mean we are talking about everything from recipes to try to foods to sample and review on your blog.  Have I signed up?  You bet your bippy!  And do you know what arrived in the mail last week???

A 4 pack of from the Snack Pack Bakery Shop collection to try... what was our flavor?  Lemon merengue pie!  Two out of three of our boys loved it!!  What happened to the third?  Well he got a single taste as his brothers descended upon the others like a horde of locust.  Would we purchase them on a regular basis?  Probably not, only because we are on a pretty strict budget.  But would we purchase them for a special treat or maybe even for long trips... MOST DEFINITELY!

Now the guys are harassing me to try out the other flavors.... chocolate cupcake, apple pie a la mode, frosted sugar cookie, and banana cream pie.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The family room makeover... a sneak peak

This apparently has been the summer of changes.... quickly being followed by a fall full of changes as well.    Do you see this corner?  Yes... atrocious!  I agree wholeheartedly!!  What you are witnessing is the complete emptying of a room.  Yes, the once spare/guest/music room is now our middle son's bedroom!!! I know he is over the moon happy to have a space of his own.  The only consequence... well the entire contents of the previous room ended up piled in the family room with a few spilling over into the dining room and living room.  

However this crazy mess is slowly but surely being transformed into....

 a desk to dream about....

 stylish storage....

 family heirlooms.....

 quirky decor.....

fabulous rehabs....

Details are on the way as we get closer and closer to completely the transformation of a hum drum room into a favorite family hangout!  A room filled with memories, yard sale rehabs, and repurposing galore!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A whirlwind of action

Can you say whirlwind?

w3rl wind: 1. a column of air moving rapidly around and around in a cylindrical or funnel shape
                   2. used in similes and metaphors to describe a very energetic or tumultuous person or                  

Wow both of those definitions fit us right now... ha ha!  You see for the past month we've been working on projects. not my every day, run of the mill projects but BIG ones.

Things like making over the boys' bathroom, moving Sean into his own room, moving the contents of said room elsewhere (i.e. the family room)... and so it snowballs.  If you think I'm complaining... NOT for ONE moment! :)  Its so exciting to see a plan come together!  Even when it does snowball into something so much larger... but that in turn is a super duper good thing.  Seriously!  I mean when this whole thing is over and done with our whole house will be done... mostly.. haha! :)

However my blog and photo program are not on speaking terms at the moment so I'll just give you a rundown of how things went down... or rather how the first project had a cascading effect.

-paint boys bathroom, move "pie safe" out, move short cabinet in. love the decluttered look!

-decide to move Sean into spare/guest/craft room since Ian is not going into military but is looking for work & filling out applications for Bible college/aviation ministries (possibly)
  -empty contents of said room into space behind loveseat & wall, in front of dart board.

    -decide to paint Evan's room, now that he has room to self
     -clear room out, decide against painting room but paint drawer fronts and add artwork to room

      -clean out closet of too small clothes.

       -decide maybe a yardsale would be in order due to clearing out closet & explosion of stuff in  family room.
         -sort walk-in closet in order to move things from spare/guest/craft room out of family room.

(terrible lighting and no editing... bad blogger, bad bad blogger.. ha ha!)
          -start to sort bathroom closet to make room for items from walk-in closet, extra bedding, etc
           -clean out under bathroom sink to move stuff from closet in order to make room for stuff from
walk-in closet to make room for things from spare room.
            -decide bedroom could finally use to be painted... paint test splotches all over room...
                                 now which one do we use???? Left, Middle, or Right???

             -end up with gorgeous bedroom, organized closets, comfy teen bedrooms plus lots of stuff for yard sale... which has prompted cleaning, clearing and sorting out of garage! ha ha!!

And add to all this.... its harvest time in the garden...  corn, tomatoes, herbs, and the occasional posey... Can you say lavender and dried hydrangeas for the winter?? Woo hoo!!

So as you can see we have been pretty busy around here.... and very happy about it too!!  Did I mention school started a week ago, it was our 22nd anniversary, we took a mini family vacation, and fall sports are now in full swing... tennis, marching band, cross country?  I LOVE every minute of it!!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A touch of color...

A touch of color is normally a good thing.....

but a touch of color using spray paint, painter's tape and a drop cloth is a WONDERFUL thing!

And the young one loves it!!  Score!!

One small throw pillow down, two large ones to go... and the room "remodel" is under way!

Now to convince said young one that a change is paint color would really do wonders for HIS room.  Yes he now has his very own room, all to himself... and he is loving it!  In fact all three boys have their own rooms now.  It did mean giving up the spare/guest/craft room but that is okay as they are all at an age when having a small bit of space to themselves is a good thing.

All about Color at Thistlewood Farm

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the clearing BEGIN!

Yes you read that correctly! ha ha!  You see with all the projects we've been working on lately I've just felt an overwhelming need, yes a need to start "purging".  A good ol' fashioned clearing out and cleaning out!  

Yes I confess I am a bit of a not in epic proportions like the show but on a much smaller scale.  Doing things like taking the zippers off of backpacks that are irreparable, saving ALL the mismatched socks, clipping buttons off of shirts to be disposed of, keeping egg cartons and empty glass jars.  Now don't get me wrong these are not bad in and of themselves, in fact they are quite practical until you realize you have one full shelf of egg cartons and no plans to use them.  Yes I'll continue to clip buttons and zippers and save old pants because you never know when you might need to test a new pattern for instance.....

But the egg cartons.. well unless it is coming neigh unto planting season I think donating them for VBS is a much better plan.  The the empty glass jars, yes there is recycling... :)

And the rest of the miscellaneous stuff in the house... well it is high time to find new homes.  So I may or may not be hosting a yard sale in the upcoming days... it all depends on how much we haul out and what all it is that gets hauled out.  

So if you happen to be local I will give you fair warning.... stuff is being cleared out.  If you are interested in books, miscellaneous crafting stuff especially scrapbook supplies, cookie decorating supplies (i.e. more sugars and sprinkles then is necessary for a house full of teenage boys!), hair ribbons, books,  knicknacks,  board games, cookie cutters, and who knows what else... contact me!  Or just ask if I really am going to have a yard sale.... probably after school is back in session.

Be sure to check in periodically to see if I have emerged from beneath..... 

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A sneak peak of the guys' new and improved bathroom

 Hello!  Wow where has the summer gone?  It seems like school just got out but I just realized we only have 3 weeks of summer break left!  Seriously... how did that happen?  The guys agree... between sports camps, music camps, missions trips, day trips, pool parties, and just hanging out together well summer has been speeding by!

But did I mention we have been working on projects?  Together even!!  Yes we are currently giving the guys' bathroom a bit of an update.  Trust me it needed it!! Ha ha!

I give you exhibit A:

Can you say beige, boring, and bland?  The guys even brought up the fact that it was BORING.  Yes it was that bad.

Exhibit B:    new wall color... Sherwin Williams High Tide        

As you can tell its a really hard color to photograph especially since the room has ABSOLUTELY NO exterior light!  Really?  What bathroom has no windows?  Apparently ALL of ours!  Yes, really... it is just crazy if you ask me.

Is this it?  Nope, not even close!  but I'll save the rest for the reveal later this week.  Until then I give you a sneak peak of some of the quirky elements we've added so far. 

plus a bit of artwork!

a great piece of artwork even if I do say so myself... even if the letters are a bit lopsided.  It just fits the room!

All I will say is it got its humble beginnings from this....

Exhibit C

a sheet of styrofoam!!
(stockpiled packing materials from a large package but thats another post in and of itself...)

It Pays To Be Cheap

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Searching for a new name

Hello and how are you today?  We've been keeping busy around here... enjoying summer
and all.   
hitting yard sales and coming home with glorious finds such as vintage star molds, mini tart tins, and hammocks.  drinking chai frappes from this glorious concentrate from the delightful Vanessa!

making these adorable stars by the dozens.... okay maybe not the dozens yet but by summer's end!

gathering bundle upon bundle of lavender, enjoying the hydrangeas, and stumbling upon a stack of crates at a divine yard sale... 
$5 a piece... old coke and pepsi crates... yep they have new home now.  
Can I help it if they just followed me home???? (but that's okay as that's where my sweet hubby got his $5 hammock and stand... yepper another vintage find!!!)

after all that rambling we have come to the crux of the matter.... I am changing my blog name.... this one just doesn't feel right any longer.  you know kinda like those shoes you simply adored and then one day you woke up and took a good look at them and discovered, that well, they just weren't a good fit.  the fit was wrong... they just weren't all that comfortable... in fact they kinda pinched your toes.. but whats a girl to do?  get rid of them!!  plain and simple!  yep it might cause some separation anxiety... in fact so much so that you put it off... and put it off and put it off!  but finally one day you notice the dog won't even bother with them any longer.  so off they go..  

So....... now i am striking out, taking that first step

"And what is that first step?" you ask.
Why coming up with a new name!!!

"What will it be?"

Well I don't know... have i ever mentioned i'm not good at snap decisions.  like going to a restaurant... it takes me FOREVER to order.  even if it is only Mickey D's or even worse Starbucks!!!  

and do you know what I normally do?

order the same exact thing!  until recently when i ordered a white chocolate cafe misto (blonde roast) with a splash of raspberry syrup... yep i stepped out and tried something DARING, new, adventurous!! 

(and for the record now its the only thing i order because i love it that much!)

oh the name... well here are a few suggestions...
1. Artifacts for the Future
2. Artifacts of the Future
3. Artifacts from the Future
4. Intrinsically Eclectic
Now.. here is where you come in....
Suggestions... ?????

Do any of the above strike you?  good?  bad?  indifferent?

Comment, e-mail, phone... the votes are out! 

Trust me ALL and ANY suggestions would be appreciated!!
(and yes a decision will definitely be made... before the next decade!)

Have a great day!!