Thursday, September 29, 2011

You are my sunshine!

After seeing all the signs around with the words to "You are My Sunshine" I knew what I HAD to do...  you see this is "our" song!  When we were dating (I think it was when we were dating....) I was given a little top that played music.  You would twirl the top and it would play you are my sunshine.  I loved it!  As time progressed my sweet young husband (he wasn't even 21 when we got married so I was teased mercilessly about robbing the cradle... you see I am a bit older.  5 years to be exact!) bought me more toys. Yes I loved them then and still do!  One of our first valentines he bought me a stuffed cow that moos when squeeze it's tummy... and then while in Korea he bought me the elephant which trumpets and the warthog which well makes a noise which is "supposed" to be a warthoggy snorty snuffly sound... lets just say it is more of a sound which my boys love to imitate especially when they were younger.  Somewhere along the line he found a paper music box the size of a deck of cards.  When you open it up a bouquet of paper flowers pops up and it plays... you guessed it!  "You are My Sunshine"  So the other morning I got to thinking... what can I make my "sign" out of?  Where will I put it?  What colors should I use?  Then it hit me!  I have chalk markers!  And a big mirror in the living room... so here is what I did

And do you know what?? 


I love the fact that I can change out the saying with the swipe of a rag 



(yes we have begun the process of becoming debt free... thank you Dave Ramsey... hmm I think.... more on that at a later date, maybe.)

And do you know what else?  I discovered I can write on the glass of artwork.