Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The family room makeover... a sneak peak

This apparently has been the summer of changes.... quickly being followed by a fall full of changes as well.    Do you see this corner?  Yes... atrocious!  I agree wholeheartedly!!  What you are witnessing is the complete emptying of a room.  Yes, the once spare/guest/music room is now our middle son's bedroom!!! I know he is over the moon happy to have a space of his own.  The only consequence... well the entire contents of the previous room ended up piled in the family room with a few spilling over into the dining room and living room.  

However this crazy mess is slowly but surely being transformed into....

 a desk to dream about....

 stylish storage....

 family heirlooms.....

 quirky decor.....

fabulous rehabs....

Details are on the way as we get closer and closer to completely the transformation of a hum drum room into a favorite family hangout!  A room filled with memories, yard sale rehabs, and repurposing galore!


  1. Loving the colors - can't wait to see the finished product!
    Are those buttons or drawer pulls in the "quirky" photo? I "heart" the look. And the Scrabble tiles... *swoon*

    1. Melonie, they are drawer pulls! I know it is crazy but I have a thing for drawer pulls and such.... it is getting to the point that I look at old furniture at yard sales to see if I like the drawer pulls/knobs. If its a good price it goes home with me... where I clean it up change out the hardware and sell it at the consignment shop. Its only happened once so far but I keep looking! :) great hardware is so hard to find without costing an arm and a leg these days!

      Have fun with your upcoming "projects!" Are you ready??? Take care now and thank you for stopping by!!

  2. I agree I love the colors and am looking forward to seeing the finished project!