Monday, March 07, 2011

Keepin' busy with legos and feet!

I keep putting off posting because well I just didn't feel there was anything blog worthy of posting... no projects completed, crafting transpired but then I realized Wow we have been really busy!!  And I have good news the camera was found!! and the checkbook!!!  and the corners of the dining room!!!!

You see our days have recently been filled with:

Recovering from foot surgery
(can you tell he was feeling no pain???)

the making of batches of applesauce to eat fresh 
and frozen

The sorting of Legos
(this is approximately 1/20 of those sorted!)

While revisiting "old friends" by way of A&E's 
"Pride and Prejudice!"  
Yep the entire mini series!!
I know the guys were so "excited" but they stayed and watched the whole thing while helping sort Legos.

Did I mention there has been LOTS of cleaning going on as well?  
As in I can see the corners of the dining room and the top of the island has been clear for
4 (yes FOUR) DAYS!

Now I am off to wash said Legos... yes they are disgusting and if I plan on selling them on eBay I just can't stand the idea of sending them off so DISGUSTING!  I am going to place them in a zippered mesh bag and throw them in with the towels to wash.  We shall see how they come out!