Friday, December 17, 2010

Joy Swap Show and Tell


Just a short note to tell you about the wonderful opportunity I had and the new friend I've made.  For the second this year I decided to participate in the shoebox swap hosted by Monica and Carrie.  This time they paired me up with a lovely young mother from Georgia, Shannon.  It was amazing how the Lord used them to to "match" Shannon and I together as exchange partners.  Who would have thought a young mother from Georgia and a "more seasoned" mother living in Indiana could have so much in common.  As it turns out Shannon and I both share a history of being raised in military families and having spent much of our youth traveling.  Our tastes are also very similar... :)  This is just some of the contents of the wonderful box Shannon sent me... I confess I ate the Almond Roca before the picture was ever taken.  (our eldest is in the middle of wrestling season so being the good mother that I am I decided to just remove the "temptation" from his sight! Don't worry I did share it with my husband and our middle son!! The youngest doesn't like nuts so he wasn't interested!)

That is Godiva chocolate in the green box (a guilty pleasure), a box of the coveted Constant Comment Decaf tea (I couldn't find it here and was down to my last bag when this showed up in the mail!!), a tea wallet filled with Stash Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut tea, an apple cinnamon crisp candle, a lovely notebook for taking notes (I've been needing a new one for church!),  the Christmas issue of Southern Lady (never seen it before but I LOVE it now!!!) and 

A lovely print for our master bathroom!

Thank you so very much, Shannon!
It was wonderful getting to know you and I so look forward to hearing from you more as time passes!  Enjoy your  Christmas as you are surrounded by family and enjoying your little ones!  

Be sure to stop by and see who else participated!