Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drywall!!! And a question or two

Wow... have it ever been crazy around here lately what with all the end of the school year projects, activities, house projects, and the annual church rummage sale!  I mean seriously has everyone been watching hoarders?!?  Because with the amount of clothes that ended up at our sale I know someone (or a few) did some serious emptying of their closets.  Think a standard size school gymnasium/basketball court
FILLED with stuff... yep you read that STUFF!  And no I did not take any pictures (as she hangs her head in shame...)  I think it would have been too overwhelming.  I had a hard time keeping track of my water bottle and my soda, let alone add a camera to the mix. ha ha!

The renovation is coming along quite nicely.  Today they are doing a little mudding and it looks like they will be ready to sand on Friday which means next MONDAY the new floors will be installed!!!!  Which means no road trip to Zionsville for an awesome yard/antique sale but we will be getting NEW FLOORING!!!  I am so excited!  In fact there is every possibility their work will be done Memorial Day weekend.  So Chris and I had better get a move on!  We still have to decide on a ceiling light for the family room and area rugs plus furniture.  Yes you did read that correct!  Furniture... as in we have none to put in there.  We do have the sofa, Chris' recliner, and the rocking chair in the living room plus a number of bookcases but that not all of it will be moved over!  Oh I almost forgot about the steamer trunk and the hutch which will both be moved into the family room and craft room.

New opening between the dining room and family room.

The family room

The guest/craft/music room

For the time being this is where we will set-up the Bowflex.  In a few years it might become a walk-in closet.

Now for the questions...
Question number 1: What do you think of a faux board and batten treatment with white paint?  Too much white?  Too much of a contrast between rooms?

Question number 2: Ceiling fixture in the family room... something that hangs down a little?  ceiling hugging? Remember the ceiling is slightly lower than normal but higher than the bedrooms.  I think we agreed a ceiling fax would be too low.

Question number 3:  furniture suggestions?  T.V. placement?  It will be mounted on the wall but not sure where... Bookcases? yes? no?  loveseat?  We don't want to overwhelm the room but do want seating for movie watching and video game playing.   The guys seem to prefer sitting on the floor to play video games as they like to be close to the T.V.

I do know that I want silver or brushed nickle in the ceiling fixture.

Thanks for all your suggestions!!