Thursday, October 07, 2010

The big reveal....the living room!

Yes, I am done... well as done as I can be for the moment! ha ha!!  I will preface this say there are two things to be done in the living room and one in the dining room.  I need to patch/paint the holes above the T.V., hang the regulator clock, and decide what paper to use for my new "dry erase" message board.  But folks you will see we have come a long way!  So without further adieu our home!!! (My mom and stepdad are coming for a visit and should arrive sometime this afternoon.  I am so EXCITED!  Which was also the driving force behind me getting done... but no looking in our bedrooms.  Ours will be re-tidied tonight before they see it tomorrow.)


The End results

And the finished project!  It is so cozy especially when there is a chill out and we have a few candles light!  I also love having the whole family in here together no matter what they are doing!!! (I see some areas that need to be addressed now that I posted pictures but that is easy enough...)

The dining room...

Yep, it is done!!  Chris insisted upon new chairs for the table plus we finally put up the pictures and decorations!  I think he would like a new fan/light in the dining room plus undercabinet lighting in the kitchen but that will wait.  We both have Lowe's and Home Depot gift cards but are going to wait until after Christmas (its our standard present) before we tackle any more projects.  Oh the one missing element in the dining room is the shades for the long windows (I don't remember where I put them for "safe" keeping...)



And done!

Front door

Here is the new front door I've been talking about!!

(pretty but a little bland)

(what was I hestitating about for so LONG!! Chris was so right!!)