Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The secret life of an outdoor chandelier.....

Do you see this beauty?  (please ignore crazy shape on left side.... its not noticeable when hanging!)

Another view... at twilight

At night....

complete with its own lace work

it started out life as this
a lowly tomato cage....
(bought at a yard sale as a bundle... $2 for the stack which amounted to 12!!!)

plus old wire, plastic beads, old crystals from a chandelier at a previous house (movers packed them unbeknownst to us and the new owners said to keep them), a hanging light kit (available at Lowe's) for the living room but it never looked right in there. Oh and a bit of leftover ORB spray paint.

The only purchase was an Edison light but which hardly cost anything as I had a $5 off coupon due to light bulbs that lasted months instead of years like they were guaranteed. 

And here is another view...
my dear sweet husband enjoying a book after having been sick for the past two weeks.  

(our friend little lace makers.... well they spin new webs each evening and we never have an issue with bugs!)

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