Monday, May 07, 2012

Good monday morning!

Well I'm back, sorta.... first off I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers!  Trust me they could be felt!  Has there been a change and a slowing of the hectic pace?  Nope, not necessarily... but there has been a change of heart.  And trust me when I say that can go a long ways!!

Not a lot to report on the creative side of things.  I've been doing a tiny bit of crafting but have taken absolutely ZERO pictures!!  Most of my time has spent like this....
sorting, washing, folding, start over again!!  Yes, we've been changing out clothes, actually it is more like washing up the too small clothes, pulling out the bin of once too big clothes, washing and discovering that the once too big clothes are almost too small!  One question for you.... how did that happen in just a few short months?  Seriously... this is something I try to do quarterly so that no child (okay only the youngest "child" has a bin to "grow" into any longer and it is almost empty!) grows out of stuff before they ever wear it.  Yes they are hand-me-downs from older siblings but still I figure if we can get a little more use out of them then why not.  The situation comes in when the eldest two now wear the same size and have for the past year.  The youngest child in now only one shirt size smaller than they are... umm yeah.

Did I mention we have graduation coming up??? In 19 days?  And we still not have the "official" announcements?  Or any kind of announcements?  Or plans for the open house?  And my folks will be here in17 days?  And the spare room is piled high with stuff?  And there is no bed for them to sleep on?   The landscaping is not done? i've not finished decorating the house?  or i still need to schedule driver's ed classes? defrost the freezer that got left open a smidge all saturday night? i might need foot surgery (ok there is not might its just how long can i put it off) on my right foot?  okay... now deep breath!  I'm good!!  This is ALL good!!  It can be done!!!  So if I go AWOL again you know why.... its not that I don't love you all, its just that I've turned into a mad tornado of a woman and am working like crazy.

Not to worry though... I thought I would show you some of the soon to be quirky new additions to our home.....

Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

I have those same jars... one from a yard sale eons ago and the other from Goodwill's 1/2 sale this past weekend! 

And to think I have all the necessary supplies for a little Pottery Barn inspiration!!

Toodles!  Have a great week!  I am now off to finish up the laundry for today as well as start on sorting through the "spare room" and prepare packages to be mailed!  Its crazy as the pile is now waist high on me.... okay so it isn't ALL that tall since I'm only 5'2" but trust me it is tall enough!  especially since its only the beginning... :)

Once again have a wonderful week and I will check back in periodically!  Maybe with some photos even... :)

Take care now!!