Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Tour Party... "before"

First I would like to welcome you to our humble abode. Tiny it may be but home it is!

I know that there have been many requests for pictures of the house so here goes... Daniella over at Transforming home is having a House Tour Party and it seemed like the perfect time to join in. As some of you know we moved recently and have been living out of "suitcases" and the few odd items we brought in the little trailer. So today you will see the "BEFORE" tour...

Kitchen and dining "room" prior to paint.

After paint but no accesories. I have a collection of white serving ware to include various cake stands which will look wonderful above the cabinets.

Here we have the living room... No, the chair did not come with us but was a temporary aquisition which may or may not stay. Trust me if it does stay, it will be reupholstered!!

Now on to the bedrooms. After several years in a miniscule room the master bedroom feels almost palacial in size.

The Boys' room...

A Teen's room... He picked out the linens, the new bed comes in tomorrow, and today I start painting. All we have left to do is decide on a dresser, chair, artwork, curtains, and possible desk.

And as of tomorrow the whole house will entirely different. Imagine furniture and lots of boxes, more boxes than you can think possible. It will take some time but it'll all get done! I don't know about my family but I'm really excited about the challenge of moving from a decidedly large house to one with much less square footage. No, this is not our dream house or even dream property but I am content with it! Feel free to come back periodically to see the transformation.

(Sorry but I am not feeling particularly witty or profound today... You see, I anxious to get back to work as there is only a hall and a bedroom to paint today!)