Friday, June 25, 2010

Sister's Shoebox Swap

Recently I participated in a Sister's Shoebox Swap hosted by Monica and Carrie.  It was a truly delightful experience as I was able to "meet" a lovely Australian lady who is originally from Germany.  Regina is truly a breath of fresh air and you should see the package I received in the mail!  And it only took two days, yes you read that correctly two days, to get from Western Australia to the middle of the U.S, yep Indiana.  It came at such as opportune time as I was feeling a bit peaked from the tooth gone bad... (let's just leave it at there was infection under an old root canal which required extraction... and then a case of dry socket even after following doc's instructions!!)  Regina is truly a talented lady!  You should see the stunning pictures of her gardens and house.  She truly has an eye for beauty and such a sweet spirit!!

Not only was it beautifully wrapped (I started to include the front of the package when I realized it has our full address!)

The package included a beautiful scarf which I later found out she purchased from an op shop (similar to our thrift/consignment stores, I think) which I personally think is so cool!  Yes, I know I used the word cool at my age... I love finding a good deal especially if it means being able to repurpose or regift something!!  I hate to see things go to waste.  Now back to this incredible package... Litle packages of Australian native seeds, mixed chocolates, macadamia nuts, cinnamon macadamia/almonds/cashews, honey roasted nuts, adorable buttons, australian flags (the kind on toothpicks), fruit balls, (pineapple, date, cherry, and pawpaw), a small jar of Vegemite, a box of chocolate covered macadamias, wonderful teas, a butterfly, small orange tongs, a natural hand scrub, pasta w/ a map of Australia on the box, iron bark honey, Lucas papaw treatment,  mango & macadamia conserve, and the most incredible piece of native Aborigine art!  Oh I almost forgot about the homemade ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Air Corps) cookies (they were gone before the day was out!!)  And everything was wrapped with ribbon and a small flower.  (I see the flowers being used in an arrangement!) 

Regina, I know you don't have a blog but I wanted to just say how thankful I am!  You truly went over and above with this box!  And I must say I am truly enjoying getting to know you and look forward to the future and getting to know you better!

These are the things I put in Regina's box... 

Because Regina does not have a blog she asked me if I would post a picture of her box from me...

"the parcel arrived today! Thank you so much. The scarf is beautiful & I really like it and will surely get a lot of wear out of it, I can't wait to try out the tortilla press and we've devoured the chocolate bars already :) Came home and were rather hungry, so the choccy bar came in very handy. The soap smells and looks really nice and again I'm wanting to try it out straight away.

I've taken a photo, will you be able to put it up on your blog, please? ...... It will be interesting to see what everyone has posted/received. The photo is attached.

Thank you very much for all the goodies - it is nice to get a surprise parcel! Must do this more often for others, it's so much fun as well." - Regina

I can't begin to say what a blessing this has been.  Drop on over to Carrie's to see the other posts!!

Edit: Mrs. K was kind enough to point out both addresses were visible so I took a minute to photo shop them out!  Thank you