Friday, October 16, 2009

Foto Friday: Self Portraits

Well, I honestly say I wouldn't have done this if it hadn't been for Rebecca!! I hate pictures of myself.. but she's right. My family does need remembrances of me, to know that I wasn't gone but a part of their lives growing up. For years I've intentionally stayed out of the pictures, not liking what I saw. Vanity!! Pretty much sums it up in one word. I didn't like what was pictured, didn't like what I had become. The svelt young woman was no longer present. Yes, it hurt my pride to see that I was no longer young, thin, and in control. But you know, the Lord has been working in my heart again. I say again because it is a never-ending process! Again, because sometimes I turn away and don't let HIM work in my heart. But recently I've felt the tuggings and stirrings. LORD, you are doing a work in me, if only I step aside. It can be painful but that pain brings blessed relief! Relief in knowing that I DON'T have to be in control. Relief in knowing that GOD does have a plan and well frankly I don't NEED to see all the details. HE lets me know them as needed. It's taken a while and the process does not end with this realization.. Thankfully God is patient and I know HE will continue the process!!

Enough of my waxing philosophical. Yes, vanity is an issue in these photos. I realized I desperately need to use more mosturizer, drink more water, and pluck, pluck, pluck. Where did all that hair come from? Actually, I know... I can thank my Siciclian heritage! Thank you Grandma Rose!! Hey, its okay they are good strong eyebrows with lots of character... but I think the moustache really has to go. It's a good thing my hubby went to town today. The poor guy is going to get a phone call in a while with a list of things to pick up. But the photos you are about to see are untouched... no makeup, no touch-ups, no editing, no styled hair. The the silly, laughing, smiling me!

I hope you enjoy these brief glimses... by the way there will be more photos posted today. They will be the ones after the plucking, styling, and mosturizing (sorry but it must be done....)