Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 3 of Drywall work....

I am so excited I can hardly stand myself!!  Tomorrow will be the final skim coat plus texturizing of the ceiling which means Friday will be the sanding day (a day I plan to out and about!!)  Do you see that wonderful opening?  It makes it seem so much bigger in here!  I love it.  Now to decide if we paint it white or the same color as the dining room/kitchen.  Any suggestions?  We can have it painted the same color as the kitchen if we want.  I just have to let our contractor know... but the guest/craft/music room will be WHITE!  That way I can do all kinds of crazy stuff in there!!

(current configuration)

Proposed changes to dining room

and kitchen

I know the flooring looks great but we discovered we can't match it!  And as you can tell it will run directly into the addition so we are putting in ALL new flooring.  
The old flooring you ask?  
Well it will be saved to put down in the boys' bedroom or make repairs to the bathrooms.
(I just haven't mentioned this to Chris yet... but I'm sure he will agree!)