Friday, December 17, 2010

Joy Swap Show and Tell


Just a short note to tell you about the wonderful opportunity I had and the new friend I've made.  For the second this year I decided to participate in the shoebox swap hosted by Monica and Carrie.  This time they paired me up with a lovely young mother from Georgia, Shannon.  It was amazing how the Lord used them to to "match" Shannon and I together as exchange partners.  Who would have thought a young mother from Georgia and a "more seasoned" mother living in Indiana could have so much in common.  As it turns out Shannon and I both share a history of being raised in military families and having spent much of our youth traveling.  Our tastes are also very similar... :)  This is just some of the contents of the wonderful box Shannon sent me... I confess I ate the Almond Roca before the picture was ever taken.  (our eldest is in the middle of wrestling season so being the good mother that I am I decided to just remove the "temptation" from his sight! Don't worry I did share it with my husband and our middle son!! The youngest doesn't like nuts so he wasn't interested!)

That is Godiva chocolate in the green box (a guilty pleasure), a box of the coveted Constant Comment Decaf tea (I couldn't find it here and was down to my last bag when this showed up in the mail!!), a tea wallet filled with Stash Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut tea, an apple cinnamon crisp candle, a lovely notebook for taking notes (I've been needing a new one for church!),  the Christmas issue of Southern Lady (never seen it before but I LOVE it now!!!) and 

A lovely print for our master bathroom!

Thank you so very much, Shannon!
It was wonderful getting to know you and I so look forward to hearing from you more as time passes!  Enjoy your  Christmas as you are surrounded by family and enjoying your little ones!  

Be sure to stop by and see who else participated!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Church Fire!

We just got this news which is heartbreaking... The little church where we attend when we are working on our property in New York burned to the ground early this morning!  Bible Baptist Church of Friendship, NY is a ray of hope in the hills of the southern tier of New York and I know this has come as quite a shock to their little congregation!  I just wanted to ask everyone to please keep them in your prayers.  Thankfully no lives were lost but this tiny community has to have been rocked to its core.

 (courtesy of Wellsville (N.Y.) Daily Reporter)

Currently plans are in the works for an alternate location for this Sunday's service and Christmas eve's service!

Will they never cease to amaze me?

You know our boys never cease to amaze me.  From they athletic ability to their good natures to their ability to adapt to new situations.  Our youngest has got the funniest sense of humor, our middle son loves music and always has a tune on his lips and at his finger tips, and our eldest is the athlete.  Speaking of my eldest... I am so proud of him.  Sunday after church (after we left the building and were on the way to the car) he pointed out that he thought I might not want to wear that outfit again.  I was shocked, I mean it was one of my favorite sweaters and skirts.  Okay, he was VERY kind about how he worded it and he was very discrete but still... Then he asked the dreaded question... "How many years have you had that skirt?"  Ok, so maybe he had me there.. I mean 6 years isn't too long to be wearing the same skirt.  So maybe it is a little faded and maybe has a few snags but still its presentable (or so I thought).  I thought I had him when I said "ok, so how about we do something about it.  We'll go shopping and YOU can help me pick out some new things."  I thought I had him.... Then my dear sweet 16 year old son gets a sly look in his and says "Sure!  Why not right now?"  I was shocked!  He had thrown down the gauntlet and who was I not to accept the challenge.  So we got lunch to go and off we went.  Just the three of us.  Yep hubby joined in the fun while the younger two stayed in the car listening to music and playing games.

(imagine this in brown)

(imagine these in both brown and black but a LOT curvier!)

An HOUR later we walked out of the store with 4 blouses (one fitted white), 3 pair of dress pants, a black blazer and one sweater all of which was at least 50% off plus an additional 20% off and we had gift cards to help pay for it as well.  I knew my son had good tastes but I was not prepared for this.  I was stylish, hip, and I had actual "outfits".  Not only that but they were picked out with other clothes I already own in mind.  I mean I've seen him dress himself and he is a SNAZZY dresser!  Where did he get those genes?  I know it wasn't from me... or maybe that's it he has all my good dresser genes.  I was wondering where they had disappeared to!  NOW I know!  In all honesty it was the best gift he could have given me!  The willing gift of his time and his talent!  I love that son of mine!  He does a mother's heart good!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas ornaments

After a week of agonizing we finally got some of the ornaments to dry... No leaving them sitting out or putting them in front of the heat vent just was not working.  So I got out the dehydrator, took out a few shelves, and popped these bad boys in.  Several hours later they were dry!  We ended up breaking one and the remaining five need a little more attention before we can deem them worthy but these two are lovely!

And get a look at those hooks... they make everything look wonderful!  Thank you very much Walmart... never has $2 been better spent. 

 (psssst... i'm asking for some more of these hangers for christmas.  if they are out i'll be happy for the beads to make my own! i already have the wire... you guys can even use the walmart gift card on the desk. hint, hint, honey!)

Time to go get into the glitter again.  Now to come up with something that will really wow our eldest... he has very distinct tastes which I have yet to fully discern.

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sorry no photos and minimal posts at this time....

First I want to say the computer issues have been resolved!  It was really odd as we still have no idea why the battery on my computer died (it was plugged in.)  But for some odd reason it just wasn't drawing electricity.
I am afraid I have no photos of our crafting projects to post... nada, zilch, zip!  Have you ever had one of those brainstorms where you just know you have the perfect project?  One where it is so simple nothing could possibly go wrong?  Well that was my week.  Project after project...incomplete, and everything that could go wrong went wrong.  paint won't dry (4 days and its still damp), glue won't set, paint peeled off, paint ran, stickers aren't sticking, needle broke, needle got stuck in sewing machine, and the list goes on... But there is a bright spot in my week... my family!  (okay so they still won't give me christmas ideas...)  My silly, goofy, love to mess around when I take a picture groups of guys!

They have comforted me, encouraged me, and even think some of the hideous ornaments are lovely!  As frustrated as I've been recently they are so supportive!  Even when they might think their mom is a silly goose for getting so emotional over a silly ornament or notebook (and they never said a single word to me about it!)

Now this next week I am going to start over... more marshmallows to make (1st batch this season was spectacular!!!!),  cookies to bake, etc.  And projects, lots of projects!  Once the paint and glue dries I will post pictures of my sad, sad ornaments.  Until then I am going to enjoy my family and the time we have together no matter how limited our time!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

APPLE.... I am seriously disappointed in you! (okay my computer is so weird... it is working now!)

Okay I said it but I WILL say it again!  I am so disappointed!!!  I feel let down, not heartbroken but genuinely saddened.  After two, mind you TWO, weeks my Apple MacBook Pro died.  Yep you read that correctly!  It just faded away!  We think we know the problem but it will still have to be taken in for repair.  I mean COME ON folks whose computer dies within TWO weeks of purchase!  Especially if it has been babied.   Nothing has been spilled, dropped, or even smudged on it!  So now my computer is down... dead power supply.  The cord lights but but she is not a responding.... So Apple, as much as I loved my computer I am really disappointed in you! (And now my computer is working.... we unplugged EVERY THING, blew out all the connections, plugged everything in, and left it sit for a few hours.  It now works just fine!  It was never left unplugged so the battery ought now to have died.  Yep ODD! but its working!)

MacBook Pro notebook computers

Photo courtesy of Apple...

(Yes my NEW pictures are on the NEW computer... oh and I am currently using my husband's new PC because the fan quit working on his and it had other SERIOUS issues! So he got a new computer... a cheap one which is still running.) 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas decorating

Each year as soon as Thanksgiving Day has passed my family clamors for the Christmas decorations... and each year I am more than willing to comply!  I love the lights, the smells, the sounds and most importantly I LOVE thinking back on the previous year.  Bringing to remembrance how mightily God has blessed us and how we've grown, both spiritually and physically!   Now I am not an extravagant decorator.  If someone asked me what our "theme" was I would have to say nostalgia!  Our tree is graced with plastic M&M stocking toppers from our first Christmas, salt dough ornaments, finely carved wooden snowflakes from my childhood in Germany, and plastic lighted cows (just to name a few of our decorations!)  But do you know what is more important... it is graced with memories!

Our Christmas tree

Above the left book case, my Ballard inspired wreath and vintage accessories (gotta love yard sales!!)

Above the right bookcase, our faith full nativity!  (If you noticed baby Jesus is missing that is because he is in the clock... yep we bring him out after everyone is in bed on Christmas eve to be "born"! and the wise men usually travel from "a far" but seemed to reach their destination quickly this year... I wonder...)

One of our scrappy garlands which grace many a place in our home.

My favorite twig wreath with its ever changing "center piece."
(The boys have asked me to make a bird to hang in the center, either a cardinal or a bluebird...)

And more importantly... my very own paperboy!  He faithfully goes our and retrieve the newspaper every single morning, rain or shine, sleet or snow!  My "baby"!  Oh how he is growing up, far too quickly for my comfort!  At least I still have one who has a silky soft check not yet covered in prickly scruff... :)

Now I am off to go decorate.... I have been blessed to spend much of this week with a lovely group of ladies at church as we decorate for the season ahead.  They are so sweet and funny and wise.  I just love regaled with the stories of their childhoods and early marriages!  

Soon I will be back to making and baking... Last night I made up two loaves of wheat french bread and my family devoured one at dinner!  I am so glad that I ground up extra wheat so that I can make more for the week ahead.  Ah the smell of freshly baked bread!  Is there a candle out for this?

Have a great week!