Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well folks, it did the unthinkable. It snowed yesterday. Started out a mix of rain and wet snow but by early evening it had started to accumulate. Now we have about an inch or two of wet snow on the ground with the electricity flickering in and out. And I just looked out the window to discover it is snowing again. I tell you this is just wrong! It was only the 25th of September. Last year the first snow was September 27th and it lasted until April 29th. Chris is a little perturbed as he was going to go out and cut wood. I guess the guys will still go cut wood because we still don’t know if we will be here another winter or not. In a case of the not, there is no need for more wood…
A praise! The repair work to house has been completed and Ian’s room is now water and weather tight again. The contractor finished it on Thursday! I am so thankful he did not have to drive down here hauling supplies for the job as the road will be so treacherous for the next few weeks. I am so thankful the Lord allowed us to do our errands up in town and get back home before the snows came! Still no washing machine but we do have a laundry mat in our little village so there won’t be the need to drive 60 miles one way to wash our clothes.
The garden is now done…. We still have carrots to be pulled and beets. A wet job but they should still be fine as they were planted in a raised bed. There were still raspberries ripening but it looks like those will be left to the gray jays and sparrows. As much as I love them (the berries) I really enjoy watching the birds flitting about as well.

By the way Rebecca has a great challenge going on over at her blog which I would love to link to but haven't figured it out.... Last weeks challenge was "Wind" which we had photos for but can't get them to load. Next week is "Black and White." As creative as I would like to get I just don't know. However I do have one assistant (unwilling as he may be) who loves to dress in those colors so he gets to be a "fashion" model!

P.S. There are no photos at this time as I can not get them to upload no matter what I try. Dial-up is running slow today and everything keeps timing out. So I guess I'll just do an update later and post the photos then!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Multitude Monday

holy experience

I've wanted to do this for some time but have procrastinated. It's not that I'm not thankful but felt it would take too long with dial-up. But the more I thought about it the more I realized by making a list of God's wonderous blessings that in turn it would make me more aware, something I've been desperately in need of. How easy it's been to get caught up in my own little world, to become self-centered. To get caught up in the world of the have nots... So here I begin anew...

1. Dial-up connection, having internet when we could have none...
2. Allergy shots to make breathing easier
3. A woodstove to keep us warm as the days and nights get chilly
4. Golden leaves of autumn
5. Sheets of puff pastry
6. Apples on sale to make turnovers
7. Sweet silly poems spontaneously erupting from the lips of innocents
8. Tubas
9. Dogs lying on the hearth in front of the woodstove, one little, one BIG.
10. Repairs to the house to make it weather tight again.
11. Stale bread for making into homemade stuffing.
12. Leeks galore
13. Home grown carrots
14. Sweaty bodies, glistening from a good game of soccer.
15. Seeing a certain young man open the door for a lady even when he doesn’t know anyone is looking on!
16. Tomato red paint
17. The smell of wood smoke.
18. Brisk morning air.
19. Skeins of “ugly” yarn.
20. Rosy, wind burned checks.

For some reason I am have been unable to post pictures recently but have decided to continue with the posts any way!

21. A new refrigerator.
22. Meat and milk that didn't spoil when the old refrigerator decided it no longer wanted to stay below 50 degrees.
23. Long, fuzzy scarves.
24. kisses on young, bristly checks
25. playing monopoly with 3 laughing boys
26. cracking voices
27. molasses cookie dough in the refrigerator
28. coals in the woodstove
29. our interstate road system
30. grapefruit

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing a new poet...

Something's got to make me laugh!
Something's got to make me laugh.
Cause I've got a laugh stuck in my eye,
That makes me want to cry!

Yes, those are the immortal words of our youngest! He is such a hoot. He always seems to come up with these off the cuff "poems". So I decided it was time to start writing them down before they get forgotten due to the busyness of our day to day lives!