Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the clearing BEGIN!

Yes you read that correctly! ha ha!  You see with all the projects we've been working on lately I've just felt an overwhelming need, yes a need to start "purging".  A good ol' fashioned clearing out and cleaning out!  

Yes I confess I am a bit of a not in epic proportions like the show but on a much smaller scale.  Doing things like taking the zippers off of backpacks that are irreparable, saving ALL the mismatched socks, clipping buttons off of shirts to be disposed of, keeping egg cartons and empty glass jars.  Now don't get me wrong these are not bad in and of themselves, in fact they are quite practical until you realize you have one full shelf of egg cartons and no plans to use them.  Yes I'll continue to clip buttons and zippers and save old pants because you never know when you might need to test a new pattern for instance.....

But the egg cartons.. well unless it is coming neigh unto planting season I think donating them for VBS is a much better plan.  The the empty glass jars, yes there is recycling... :)

And the rest of the miscellaneous stuff in the house... well it is high time to find new homes.  So I may or may not be hosting a yard sale in the upcoming days... it all depends on how much we haul out and what all it is that gets hauled out.  

So if you happen to be local I will give you fair warning.... stuff is being cleared out.  If you are interested in books, miscellaneous crafting stuff especially scrapbook supplies, cookie decorating supplies (i.e. more sugars and sprinkles then is necessary for a house full of teenage boys!), hair ribbons, books,  knicknacks,  board games, cookie cutters, and who knows what else... contact me!  Or just ask if I really am going to have a yard sale.... probably after school is back in session.

Be sure to check in periodically to see if I have emerged from beneath..... 

Have a great day!!


  1. First, I'm glad you didn't change your blog name. I also hoard :-( But not like the TV show. good luck with cleaning up your hoard.

    1. Thank you Charlotte! You know after everything is said and done I am glad I did NOT change the name of the blog. I had been itching for a little change but realized that was not the change I needed. So now I'm clearing stuff out instead... :) which is turning into a great thing as I'm coming across mementos which were stored and am now relaying the stories and memories to our youngest. :)

  2. 1) LOVE the bag. Super cute!
    2) I just remembered I was supposed to send you my address for the produce bags. Oops! LOL I'll send you Mom's mailing address, she's collecting everything for us that will be picked up in Oct for the road trip.
    3) Please please please please send me a list of books that are up for sale! If there's anything I can't live without that would help you clear some shelf space, I would gladly PayPal you for the books and shipping... depending on when you do the sale I'll let you know the address (if it's in Oct it'll be whatever our new addy ends up to be LOL).
    4) I've been purging too - you should see the amount of shredded paper I have from disposing of old journals. The recycle guys are really going to wonder! LOL

  3. It is a good thing that we don't live close to you because I would probably already be at your house with our truck!!