Friday, October 30, 2009

Foto Friday: Motion

I have to admit this had my stymied at first... We have great motion pictures of Sean during soccer season but that season is now over. We have great pictures of Ian and Evan "practicing" their TaeKwon Do courtesy of Sean. Once again those were photos past... What to do?

Then inspiration hit Saturday afternoon as Evan as I did a little cooking... Ok, so he taste tested and I cooked but every good cook needs an able-bodied taste tester! Someone with refined taste buds which haven't been dulled by age. We hope you enjoy our motion pictures.... We found them to be quite steamy but don't believe they will cause any kind of eruption!

So sorry for the pun! And yes it was intentional, nothing that bad could be otherwise! We are a family who loves a good pun. In fact my husband likes to see how badly he can make the boys groan... okay maybe they may not ALL appreciate the fine art of the pun but they are getting there! ha ha

Please come and join us with Rebecca at Renaissance to join for the FOTO FRIDAY Challenge. Next week's challenge "Dress Up," either in costume or all dressed up! I personally am looking forward to this challenge!