Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Searching for a new name

Hello and how are you today?  We've been keeping busy around here... enjoying summer
and all.   
hitting yard sales and coming home with glorious finds such as vintage star molds, mini tart tins, and hammocks.  drinking chai frappes from this glorious concentrate from the delightful Vanessa!

making these adorable stars by the dozens.... okay maybe not the dozens yet but by summer's end!

gathering bundle upon bundle of lavender, enjoying the hydrangeas, and stumbling upon a stack of crates at a divine yard sale... 
$5 a piece... old coke and pepsi crates... yep they have new home now.  
Can I help it if they just followed me home???? (but that's okay as that's where my sweet hubby got his $5 hammock and stand... yepper another vintage find!!!)

after all that rambling we have come to the crux of the matter.... I am changing my blog name.... this one just doesn't feel right any longer.  you know kinda like those shoes you simply adored and then one day you woke up and took a good look at them and discovered, that well, they just weren't a good fit.  the fit was wrong... they just weren't all that comfortable... in fact they kinda pinched your toes.. but whats a girl to do?  get rid of them!!  plain and simple!  yep it might cause some separation anxiety... in fact so much so that you put it off... and put it off and put it off!  but finally one day you notice the dog won't even bother with them any longer.  so off they go..  

So....... now i am striking out, taking that first step

"And what is that first step?" you ask.
Why coming up with a new name!!!

"What will it be?"

Well I don't know... have i ever mentioned i'm not good at snap decisions.  like going to a restaurant... it takes me FOREVER to order.  even if it is only Mickey D's or even worse Starbucks!!!  

and do you know what I normally do?

order the same exact thing!  until recently when i ordered a white chocolate cafe misto (blonde roast) with a splash of raspberry syrup... yep i stepped out and tried something DARING, new, adventurous!! 

(and for the record now its the only thing i order because i love it that much!)

oh the name... well here are a few suggestions...
1. Artifacts for the Future
2. Artifacts of the Future
3. Artifacts from the Future
4. Intrinsically Eclectic
Now.. here is where you come in....
Suggestions... ?????

Do any of the above strike you?  good?  bad?  indifferent?

Comment, e-mail, phone... the votes are out! 

Trust me ALL and ANY suggestions would be appreciated!!
(and yes a decision will definitely be made... before the next decade!)

Have a great day!!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The secret life of an outdoor chandelier.....

Do you see this beauty?  (please ignore crazy shape on left side.... its not noticeable when hanging!)

Another view... at twilight

At night....

complete with its own lace work

it started out life as this
a lowly tomato cage....
(bought at a yard sale as a bundle... $2 for the stack which amounted to 12!!!)

plus old wire, plastic beads, old crystals from a chandelier at a previous house (movers packed them unbeknownst to us and the new owners said to keep them), a hanging light kit (available at Lowe's) for the living room but it never looked right in there. Oh and a bit of leftover ORB spray paint.

The only purchase was an Edison light but which hardly cost anything as I had a $5 off coupon due to light bulbs that lasted months instead of years like they were guaranteed. 

And here is another view...
my dear sweet husband enjoying a book after having been sick for the past two weeks.  

(our friend little lace makers.... well they spin new webs each evening and we never have an issue with bugs!)

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Adorned From Above

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday... its really monday, right?

Wow has it ever been a weekend!  My dear sweet husband has been sick for well over two weeks... poor guy even ran a fever for several days.  He finally went into the doctor where it was discovered he had a sinus infection, respiratory infection, and possibly another infection.  So he was put on antibiotics which made him ache for a couple of days plus has made him photosensitive.... yep no hanging out enjoying the sunshine for him.  So he spent Saturday with me going to sales and snoozing in the car... but what a haul!

This is how much of a weekend was spent!  Enjoying the warm evening reading books!  And do you see that wonderful hammock?? We got it at a yard sale for $5!!!  Chris sanded the frame and I repainted it ORB.  And do you see the light?  I know its not the greatest picture but I made that over the weekend... using a tomato cage, a light kit, old wire, and crystals from an old chandelier.  At some point in time I am going to add more crystals but for now it is working great as it is!  Plus a sweet little spider is adding her own lace work which is definitely taking a toll on the insect population!

The last week or two has been spent on things like adding a bit of interest to pillows and making new pillow cases.

Touching up the base of the desk.

Adding this adorable chair, moving the printer, finding this sweet little typewriter that types... in cursive!!  
and gathering more bundles of lavender to dry. 

Oh how I love lavender!
(and old pottery)

Have a great week!  

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Still alive...

Let me start by saying no I haven't disappeared or fallen off the ends of the earth. :)  Just so busy for a while there that my head was virtually spinning! It was a good kinda spin.... folks in town for a visit, eldest graduated, major clean up in the house prior to the visit, sewing projects which I can't show at this time but I am so excited about, project making, pillows galore, cooking for teen boys, wedding, bum foot which I can finally walk on pain free, woo hoo!  pergola building. ground tilling. garden planting.  That said it is summer and we are off to a roaring start... or maybe I should say we were off to a roaring start but now life is starting to settle into that laid back summer routine.  Did you notice I didn't say lazy?  Because we are NEVER lazy here...nope, not at all. ha ha!

I promised I would not make a big deal about graduation here so I will simply say I am so proud of our eldest!  He is a fine young man and has such grand aspirations in life.  In a few short months he will be heading off on his own out to the west coast for USMC bootcamp where he will start a whole new life.  Until then he is helping out at home, seeking employment which is pretty hard to come by in our area especially since there is a 10 day missions trip to the Bronx he is involved in, and enjoying a bit of leisure as well.

The weather has been gorgeous!  So we are working around the place.... the new pergola went up. The grass is growing like mad and needs mown again.  Yes this is how the back deck looks like most of the time so we are working on prettying it up a bit and organizing it.

Out front we have this going on.  Yes I know it looks like we have lovely things growing between the pavers but in all honesty it is just weeds.  Soon wooly moss, elfin moss and sedum will grace this area as a means of softening it up a bit.

I've also been picking large bouquets of lavender to grace our home!  I love it!

The thyme and lilies seem to be trying to take over the area... I see a few haircuts in the works. In fact that is what I am off to do in a few minutes since it is still so nice out.
The front garden is need of a little work... so these will make great before shots because it really brought home the fact that we are desperately in need of color.... and need to find a new home for the hose.

Any suggestions?  

Well I am off to tame the wilds!  And see what we can dig up around these here parts in an effort to add a bit of beauty and whimsy to our outdoor spaces.

Have a great day!