Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, again?

Wow, where did the past week go? I thought I would post a few pictures of our Christmas. In all honest very few pictures were taken as I got caught up in enjoying the day with my family! We started our day out reading from the Bible and then the day was off to a roaring start. Okay is was more of a slow rumble. The boys pilfered through their stockings as I made french toast. After a leisurely breakfast and clean-up we opened presents! This year was Sean's year to wear the "santa" hat and pass out presents but I didn't get a single picture of him wearing the hat! In fact Evan went around all day with the thing on his head! Silly boys! A leisure day was spent by all playing games, nibbling on snacks, and just relaxing. Early in the evening we made our annual trek down to Clear for a delicious meal at the dining facility and Chris got to make his final Christmas post visits!!

Saturday started out quiet but then Evan was struck down w/ the flu mid afternoon! As odd as it may sound it was truly a blessing that it did not hit during the night. He spent part of the afternoon camped out in the bathroom and then spent the night sleeping in the laundry room (closest room to the only bathroom in the house!). Thankfully he was only sick for a couple of hours and then was able to rest all night. By Sunday afternoon you couldn't tell anything had been wrong!! This is how it was with the other two just a little over a week ago!

Things seem to be slowly picking up speed in the "moving" process. Chris still does not have his orders but the paperwork has now been signed and is moving through the channels. There is every possibility he will have them in hand before the week is over or by mid next week at the latest! I can't believe how quickly time is passing! Continue to keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the move as well as for our travel plans. Driving well over 3000 miles in the middle of winter over snow covered roads can be a bit daunting especially since Chris will have to do the preponderance of the driving.

We'll keep you all posted with any more updates as they come our way! Until then I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and that the Lord will bless you in the coming year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, Monday, I love that day...

Hmm, I wasn't going to post this week but decided I needed a break from all the mayhem. So I presently sit here looking at the "juice" straining wondering if you can use juice in place of the water in homemade marshmallows. I'll let you know later what I decided.

Today was going to be a day devoted to "sewing" once I got the basic chores done but at 2:30 I'm still working on the basic chores. But it definitely wasn't a wasted "morning"! The boys played out in the blustery wind for a bit, cleaned their rooms, folded a little laundry and then we had a late lunch of pigs in a blanket. Together!! I can't remember the last time I had all three boys at the table for the "noon" meal. Okay I know it has been sometime in the past 6 months but still I really miss it! We ate pigs in a blanket which is pretty awesome since our eldest detests hot dogs but loves a good pig in the blanket. I really think it ought to be a cow in the blanket since we eat all beef hot dogs... Umm, what do you think? Any ideas out there? Anyone else have a view on this? For those that eat turkey franks, it would be a turkey in a blanket, right? Or did I miss the mark on this? Okay so now you can see how my mind has been operating lately!

We are working HARD on slowing down a bit and enjoying life with our boys. They won't be little for long. In fact only one is still somewhat little and he isn't all that little! It really hit me this past week when I realized we have one who will graduate in two years and then the middle boy is only two years behind him! Where did time go? I plan to take advantage of every opportunity I still have left with them at home. So what if it means that the laundry is piled up! So what if it means the jam doesn't get made when my 15 year old asks me to cut his hair because it is getting too long! There are precious few days left so I am going to take advantage of each and every one!! (remind me I said taht a month from now when we are frantically trying to pack and then clean the house days before we move!! ha ha)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3D paper ornament

While checking e-mails this morning I found this update from How About Orange. 3D paper ornaments! Talk about a great idea! Not only do you end up with an inexpensive attractive ornament but you are recyling as well. Go one over to How about Orange to get the instructions on making these great ornaments! (I won't post a picture until I find out if it is okay if I post her picture! or I'll just post one that I've made myself..)

But stop by and take at look at what she has! So far I've found lots of interesting ideas.. I haven't read all of her posts so I can't vouch for the content but so far I've found nothing vulgar or crass.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mushrooms, felt ornaments, and garlands

A Homemade Christmas at

Welcome to A Homemade Christmas! This is No. 3 of 4 A Homemade Christmas events but I did not participate in week 2. As most of you know we are moving in January. We will be traveling over 3700 miles with 2 teenage boys, a 10 yr old, 2 adults, and 2 dogs (one 14 lbs and the other 95 lbs!) in a Honda Pilot pulling an enclosed 5x8 trailer containing a portion of our household goods. The Lord provides once again as the remaining household goods will be shipped courtesy of Uncle Sam aka United States Air Force. Last week few weeks have been spent preparing our house to put it on the market and sorting. How can 5 people accumulate so much in 4 1/2 years? During that time I had hoped to have more Christmas goodies prepared but well there are only so many hours in the day and I don't always use my time wisely. But in the last couple of days progress has been made...

Firstly... this adorable little mushroom! I just love red and orange mushrooms! Sean took a spectacular picture last fall.... Here we have the felt version! I really would like to make more of these little darlings

Secondly, more felt ornaments. Gingerbread men, hearts, and chocolate heart cookies! These babies won't go straight to my hips! Note to self, and all concerned: NEVER rely on 10 year old puffy paint!

And last but definitely not least! The garlands. Sean has been begging garlands. he loves a house fully decorated for any holiday be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, or birthdays. So this year I am making him garlands. I have one finished and hope to have two more completed before they arrive home in a couple of hours so I guess I had better skiddadle!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Go check out this Giveaway Extravaganza of the Celtic Sea Salt Gift Package over at The Thrifty Mama. Talk about a great deal! I love this sea salt. Yes it is pricey but we actually use a little less and love the fact that we are getting all the minerals otherwise lost in processing!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

And what to my wondering eyes should appear....

but a mama moose and her baby from last year!

Okay so I'm no poet but something caught my attention out the back door. I thought it was Lily but realized she was upstairs with the boys. Yes, Momma and toddler are munching away in my garden (a total of 40 or so feet from the house). Silly toddler had the nerve to walk right up into my raised bed gardens and eat the perenials plus the chickweed. But as Ian pointed out, why does it matter because it won't be my garden in the spring. I will miss seeing the mommas and babies that frequent our "yard" each winter but it will be refreshing to not have to worry about meeting up with moose. They are rather rude guests who will turn on you if they feel so inclined!

Friday, December 11, 2009

No photo Friday.... Indiana trip update!

Wow, is it Friday already? Talk about a whirlwind of a week. From the time our flight left on Monday night until we landed on Thursday, Chris and I were gone a total of 72 hours. During that time we had a 6 hour layover in Seattle because of the airport closure/delays at O'Hare, looked at 11 houses, went out shopping and to dinner, Chris met w/ his new "staff", and had appointments with the guidance counselors at two of the three schools.

We also put a bid in on a house and it was accepted... Since getting up Monday morning I've slept a total of 15 hours including be up for 40 hours straight. Yep, it was a crazy week! And satisfying... And I missed the boys something fierce!! All of this explain why there were no foto challenge pictures taken this week.

Chris did take a few of the house which I will post here.

Dontcha just love the master bathroom! I think the toilet is going to be changed out! I may like Harley's but the logo in my bathroom is just a bit too much.. ha ha

Now we are just waiting for all the paperwork. Which reminds me we need to contact our mortgage company.

If nothing happens we will close on February 1st, move in on the 2nd, and Chris will start work on the 3rd. We will leave here around the 20th of January and will drive down. A trip of covering 3714 miles! The house is a little smaller and has no family room but it does have a 2nd bathroom and a 2 car garage. The bedrooms are also much larger than our present rooms. All in all we are pretty excited!

Hmm, I guess I had really better close for now. My thoughts are becoming fuzzy and I'm no longer thinking very coherently... Plus I really want to spend some time with my kiddos! I really, really missed them this week! Oh they are funny! And so dear which reminds me. Do you know what we were greeted by when we got home at 2 o'clock in the morning today? A note on the door saying we goodnight, sweet dreams and I love you plus snacks on the dining room table and a fire in the woodstove! Sean bought cookies and containers at the school's Christmas bazaar with his own money and left us a loving note! Talk about a tender heart! It brought tears to my eyes! And to think he is a teenager! It does my heart good to still hear him call us Mommy and Daddy even at the age of 13!

Night all!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Foto Friday: One feet, two feet, red feet, blue feet

One Feet, two feet, red feet, blue feet...

Ah feet, one has to love Dr. Suesss! I know its supposed to be one foot, two foot, etc but when the guys were little tots we always read it wrong... intentionally!! ha ha.. which left them correcting me and lots of laughter! Yes, I know exposing a little more sole! (sorry for the pun, I just crack myself up sometimes!! I admit it I'm weird... Yep, my son gives me the "look" all the time! but hey what can I say, it must be the company I keep ;)

Today we have limited feet because of those who would protest... HOwever we do have little feet and furry feet or maybe that should be medium feet and furry feet...

And here are the faces to go with the furry feet, big dog and little dog! Lily and Caleb. She is such a big brute looking thing, isn't she? And she isn't even full grown at 18 months! I guess that is what happens when your dad is a Newfoundland and your mom is a Malamute! And Caleb, well he is a little dog cocktail as my husband so profoundly puts it... Chris brought him home as a stray pup!

Come on over to Rebecca's to take a look at all the other feet and to be part of the challenge. Next week's challenge are EYES, the window to the soul! I love eyes!! As much as I love eyes I don't know if I will be able to participate as it will be a "fun" filled week for us. Late Monday night (early Tuesday morning, 0100 to be exact) we fly out of Fairbanks on our journey to Indiana. Chris and I are going house hunting, meeting w/ school counselors, and stopping by his new work place. We will be back Thursday night! Yes, truly a whirlwind trip but it will be fun! And talk about a blessing! We were able to get our plane tickets for $10 a piece, yes you read that correctly! Thank you Lord for mileage plans!

Oops gotta go! We are heading up to "TOWN" today to have the electrical looked at on the Pilot.

Have a great week!!