Friday, January 27, 2012

"Tuscan" kitchen progress

As you all know I decided to take Donna up on her Picture Perfect Room Challenge.  The kitchen is coming on smashingly!  Have you ever noticed when you start a project it has a tendency to lead to more projects???  That is exactly what happened in the kitchen.  I got the bead board wallpaper on the cabinets only to discover the drawers now look lacking.
So do you think the drawers need pulls? or should they be left as it?

I am thinking something along the lines of these... from Restoration Hardware

or either one of these from Lowe's


a close-up of the bead board wall paper

Yes it still needs to be painted but that will have to wait until it is warm enough to leave the windows open.


I still have a few things to hang such as these.....

They have all been in both our families for as long as we can remember and I always try to hang them in the kitchen or dining room.

Hmm, do you think someone wants some jello?! ha ha!

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