Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A whirlwind of action

Can you say whirlwind?

w3rl wind: 1. a column of air moving rapidly around and around in a cylindrical or funnel shape
                   2. used in similes and metaphors to describe a very energetic or tumultuous person or                  

Wow both of those definitions fit us right now... ha ha!  You see for the past month we've been working on projects. not my every day, run of the mill projects but BIG ones.

Things like making over the boys' bathroom, moving Sean into his own room, moving the contents of said room elsewhere (i.e. the family room)... and so it snowballs.  If you think I'm complaining... NOT for ONE moment! :)  Its so exciting to see a plan come together!  Even when it does snowball into something so much larger... but that in turn is a super duper good thing.  Seriously!  I mean when this whole thing is over and done with our whole house will be done... mostly.. haha! :)

However my blog and photo program are not on speaking terms at the moment so I'll just give you a rundown of how things went down... or rather how the first project had a cascading effect.

-paint boys bathroom, move "pie safe" out, move short cabinet in. love the decluttered look!

-decide to move Sean into spare/guest/craft room since Ian is not going into military but is looking for work & filling out applications for Bible college/aviation ministries (possibly)
  -empty contents of said room into space behind loveseat & wall, in front of dart board.

    -decide to paint Evan's room, now that he has room to self
     -clear room out, decide against painting room but paint drawer fronts and add artwork to room

      -clean out closet of too small clothes.

       -decide maybe a yardsale would be in order due to clearing out closet & explosion of stuff in  family room.
         -sort walk-in closet in order to move things from spare/guest/craft room out of family room.

(terrible lighting and no editing... bad blogger, bad bad blogger.. ha ha!)
          -start to sort bathroom closet to make room for items from walk-in closet, extra bedding, etc
           -clean out under bathroom sink to move stuff from closet in order to make room for stuff from
walk-in closet to make room for things from spare room.
            -decide bedroom could finally use to be painted... paint test splotches all over room...
                                 now which one do we use???? Left, Middle, or Right???

             -end up with gorgeous bedroom, organized closets, comfy teen bedrooms plus lots of stuff for yard sale... which has prompted cleaning, clearing and sorting out of garage! ha ha!!

And add to all this.... its harvest time in the garden...  corn, tomatoes, herbs, and the occasional posey... Can you say lavender and dried hydrangeas for the winter?? Woo hoo!!

So as you can see we have been pretty busy around here.... and very happy about it too!!  Did I mention school started a week ago, it was our 22nd anniversary, we took a mini family vacation, and fall sports are now in full swing... tennis, marching band, cross country?  I LOVE every minute of it!!