Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Family room and general updates

Good morning!  Can you believe today is the day?  Election day!  Which means its November!  And the year is almost over... How can that be?!  I know I've been pretty quiet here... okay, really quiet but we also know that isn't all that uncommon for me.  In fact I've discovered something recently.  I'm like this in real life too... sometimes the chatterbox but often times quiet and contemplative.  That's okay because life if moving so quickly right now that its needed!

So what all has been going on... marching band season is over, swim practice (or rather diving practice) has begun, election day, more clutter clearing, family room decorating, Christmas present making, precious times with family, cooking from scratch (FINALLY again!!),  online courses, prepping for traveling abroad (paris in the spring with the middlest),  painting furniture, weekend day trips, youth activities, making apple sauce, and just enjoying life with my family!

The family room has really come along... most of us like the new layout.  There are a few finishing details to attend to such as the sanding of a set of metal drawers and an old chair, playing a game of darts, getting the chandelier fixed, and hanging said chandelier. Oh I forgot to mention dying the remaining set of curtains.  All in time... :)

So in the past few weeks we have gone from this.....

and this....

(functional but something was missing)

to this

Are we 100% done?  No not yet.  Do you see the light fixture on the orange pillow?  

That would be this piece of loveliness!  It was hanging in most of my childhood homes... well my mom sent it to me recently and yes it does need a little work on it, a bit of re-soldiering in a few places, old broken bulbs removed and then this beauty will be hanging in our family room.  Or maybe the dining room.  We are still trying to decide if we should move the ceiling fan into the family room and hang the chandelier in the dining room or just leave things be.  We shall see... all in due time.

Have a wonderful day!  See you at the polls!!


  1. I honestly can't see much of a change, nice living room though

  2. Peggy that light fixture is gorgeous!!! And how special it is too!

    You asked about the potatoes for the boeuf bourguignon recipe and I follow Martha's entire recipe with the roasted pearl onions and all. I also make my potatoes as she suggests and then serve them alongside the stew {as seen in the picture}...the original recipe appeared in the magazine years ago and included the potato recipe with it, I'm sure it would be online somewhere :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


    :) T