Monday, January 23, 2012

The towel dilemma... hand towels converted to bath towels

Well its a grey, blustery day today here in middle America which seemed like a perfect to get a bit of work done in the house.  Vacuuming, laundry, searching down missing towels.... Does anyone else seem to have the same dilemma? You buy a certain number of towels and over time they disappear, only to have other towels you NEVER even purchased take the place of some of them?  And then to top it off you discover you have more hand towels than you even knew?  I am pretty sure I know WHO the culprits are and have come up with a viable solution but in the mean time we were running short on towels.  Between weight lifting class, wrestling practice, swim practice, and the daily trip to the gym (hubby up at the base, not me...) I have come to realize a certain number of towels is required but simply do NOT want to spend the money to purchase said towels knowing full well that they will be sorely abused!!  So my solution... turn hand towels and wash cloths into bath towels!!  Yes all of those mismatched and long forsaken hand towels now have a new lease on life. (and trust me I have no earthly idea where we got some of these hand towels or wash cloths because they are colors that  I have NEVER used!) (okay the plain brown one is one we bought... but the brown leopard print, umm NO IDEA, it just turned up one day!)

A small portion of our stash of hand towels and wash cloths


(I have no idea what happened but the shadows today make it look like there are stains on the towels... yes our name is on one with permanent ink but that is it.)

A towel fit for wrestling practice, swim practice, the gym, track practice, and any place else teen boys venture! (like camping!)