Friday, November 20, 2009

The completed kitchen!!

Yes, you see the completed kitchen!! LOL... I laugh because we always move when we finally get the kitchen "remodeled"!! And I mean always... We sold our 1st house 1 month after the kitchen was finished, moved out of base housing and they started the kitchen remodel the very next day, in Ohio Chris received word that he got a job up here a week after we finished the kitchen and now.... We got the kitchen finished 2 weeks before Chris was told he got the job in Indiana!! So this next time around its the first thing we are going to do!! ha ha!

If you look closely you will see the fabric found in my macro shots..

As the day progresses I will be posting more pictures of the house.. We took a ton of pictures of the interior to send out to interested parties so I decided I may as well add them here!!

Foto Friday: Macro

Wow, this week has been crazy!! As most of you know we are moving in January so we are in the beginning stages of sorting and selling. In all honesty I don't remember most of this week! I just know that it is Friday... Oh now I am starting to remember. We had a band concert on Tuesday! It was wonderful watching all the "children" perform...

Not to change the subject but man is it ever cold here! We are breaking records right and left for lows... Today it is currently -35.1 below ZERO and still dropping. We have seen record lows off and on for the past week but according to the weather forecast we ought to see a warming trend. We may even see temperatures close to 10 ABOVE by Thanksgiving!! All of this was to explain why my "macro" picture as not outdoor pictures... ha ha!

By the way these pictures represent one of the loves in my life... cooking for our family and friends!

Hmm, I can see where I've been negligent is my cleaning recently.. Oops!

Take a gander over to Rebecca's at Renaissance to participate in this weeks challenge and to see all the incredible photos!! Next's weeks challenge is: THANKFUL. What a great challenge with it being Thanksgiving!!

Hope you all have a great week!