Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A lovely Valentines day!!

I really wasn't planning on saying much on Valentine's day but decided why not... You see I am not a big fan of the "holiday"... it just seems so pointless... so commercialized!  I guess maybe its because I see so many focus on sharing "the love" just one day out of the year.  I want my family to know my love 24/7 365 days a year... do I always succeed?  Not by my estimation!  But my family and husband DO know I love them even when I am acting unlovely!    and the other thing... how does it make all my single friends feel.  That they are unlovable?  lonely?  alone?  I pray such is not the case because singleness is most definitely not a case of being unloved!  I guess I just feel more comfortable showing my love for both family and friends throughout the year.  (okay off my soapbox!)   

That aside my hubby still likes to get me a card or write a little note and present me with something special.  Do you know what that dear man did?  He got me this: (picture removed at this time due to technical difficulties!)


You see this is truly a gift of love as he detests the vegetable.  In fact I am the only person in our family who likes it so I NEVER cook it!  
Now I have a little asparagus love in my refrigerator awaiting a brief steam, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon!!

(ON a side note...) remember yesterday's comment about the missing battery and charger to the camera?  Well today the camera is missing, bag and all!  It can really make a person question their sanity.  I guess we will go on a search this evening once the whole gang gets home.  More than likely the youngest will know exactly where it is since I took it with us to take pictures at his school's science fair.