Friday, October 05, 2012

Getting to know you... Influence Conference

In less than a week I'll be heading down to the "big city" for the Influence Conference!  So in an effort to help all the ladies get to know each other a little better prior to the actual "event" a "Get to Know You" party of sorts is being thrown... 5 questions were asked.  I would love to hear what you have to say so please feel free to respond in the comments.

1.  What is the most played song on your ipod?  

ipod?? Ha ha.. I own I think but it is probably being used by someone else.  However when no one is home I sing to myself.. old hymns, the wrong words to songs such as “I second that Emotion” by Smokie Robinson… for my entire life I thought it was “Secondhand Emotion” it was only when I found an anniversary card this year which contained it that I discovered the “real” words! so needless to say my husband got quite the chuckle out of it and i have to admit the folks in the store gave me some odd looks because i kept giggling to myself while wandering through the store. Ha ha!

2. If you could only work on one project for a year what would it be?

Only one project? Thats easy!! Our house! Yes… the entire thing because well it truly is one HUGE project!! 

3.  What story does you family always tell about you?

My husband is the only one who tells stories about me… his favorite???  Laughing while he tells folks (only friends, never strangers) how “forward” I was when we first met because I introduced myself to him!  What he loves to neglect pointing out is that we had already been talking for several hours and he already knew who I was.  stinker!

4.  The best part of waking up is ____________

having another day with my family and knowing that God is gracious and mighty and that whatever may unfold will not be more than I can endure with His might. knowing that each day is a new slate… :)

5.  What is your favorite time of day, week, month, or year?

Because of my inability to make a decision each season of the year is my favorite time… well except for the hottest part of the summer. I love planting, growing, harvesting, making stuff for others, and the lazy days of spending time with family! being outdoors enjoying God in his creation, starry nights when it is so cold that you can throw boiling water into the air and it evaporates into an icy cloud before it hits the ground, blazing fires in a wood stove, fireflies on a warm summer night surrounded by the ones i love!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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