Saturday, December 04, 2010

APPLE.... I am seriously disappointed in you! (okay my computer is so weird... it is working now!)

Okay I said it but I WILL say it again!  I am so disappointed!!!  I feel let down, not heartbroken but genuinely saddened.  After two, mind you TWO, weeks my Apple MacBook Pro died.  Yep you read that correctly!  It just faded away!  We think we know the problem but it will still have to be taken in for repair.  I mean COME ON folks whose computer dies within TWO weeks of purchase!  Especially if it has been babied.   Nothing has been spilled, dropped, or even smudged on it!  So now my computer is down... dead power supply.  The cord lights but but she is not a responding.... So Apple, as much as I loved my computer I am really disappointed in you! (And now my computer is working.... we unplugged EVERY THING, blew out all the connections, plugged everything in, and left it sit for a few hours.  It now works just fine!  It was never left unplugged so the battery ought now to have died.  Yep ODD! but its working!)

MacBook Pro notebook computers

Photo courtesy of Apple...

(Yes my NEW pictures are on the NEW computer... oh and I am currently using my husband's new PC because the fan quit working on his and it had other SERIOUS issues! So he got a new computer... a cheap one which is still running.)