Saturday, September 29, 2012

A lettered wall or a gallery wall???

The family room is coming along but currently there are no pictures for a full reveal.  That may be because I am in a bit of a quandary.  Currently I am slightly obsessed with typography... okay in all honesty it is nothing new.  Just ask Chris!  He will be the first one to tell you that I have a love for letters and have for as long as we have been together, whether it be in written, visual, or even auditory!  Yep I love words... which are simply letter strung together (and I'm kinda fond of numbers as well.)   Yet we both really like gallery walls... (in fact we even had them in our home when i was a kid growing up... way back when it wasn't the norm... yep my mom was cutting edge!)

Here are just a few pictures of inspiration I've found while combing the net....


Source: Young House Love  hallway gallery

source: unknown
(found on pinterest but the original source is missing)

And the wall which is driving me to distraction.... the clutter has been cleared, the non-functioning anniversary clock removed so now we are left with a blank slate.

Oh the valances are being changed out for something a bit more substantial and the curtains might be replaced by a set of fine "linen" curtains... okay so they will be made out of drop clothes but it does look a lot like homespun linen.  (yes a fabric that i simply adore!)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Snack Pack Pudding Bakery Shop Collection review

Have you heard about The Dish from Conagra Foods?  Well let me encourage you to take a look... and possibly even sign up.  I mean we are talking about everything from recipes to try to foods to sample and review on your blog.  Have I signed up?  You bet your bippy!  And do you know what arrived in the mail last week???

A 4 pack of from the Snack Pack Bakery Shop collection to try... what was our flavor?  Lemon merengue pie!  Two out of three of our boys loved it!!  What happened to the third?  Well he got a single taste as his brothers descended upon the others like a horde of locust.  Would we purchase them on a regular basis?  Probably not, only because we are on a pretty strict budget.  But would we purchase them for a special treat or maybe even for long trips... MOST DEFINITELY!

Now the guys are harassing me to try out the other flavors.... chocolate cupcake, apple pie a la mode, frosted sugar cookie, and banana cream pie.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The family room makeover... a sneak peak

This apparently has been the summer of changes.... quickly being followed by a fall full of changes as well.    Do you see this corner?  Yes... atrocious!  I agree wholeheartedly!!  What you are witnessing is the complete emptying of a room.  Yes, the once spare/guest/music room is now our middle son's bedroom!!! I know he is over the moon happy to have a space of his own.  The only consequence... well the entire contents of the previous room ended up piled in the family room with a few spilling over into the dining room and living room.  

However this crazy mess is slowly but surely being transformed into....

 a desk to dream about....

 stylish storage....

 family heirlooms.....

 quirky decor.....

fabulous rehabs....

Details are on the way as we get closer and closer to completely the transformation of a hum drum room into a favorite family hangout!  A room filled with memories, yard sale rehabs, and repurposing galore!