Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A lovely Valentines day!!

I really wasn't planning on saying much on Valentine's day but decided why not... You see I am not a big fan of the "holiday"... it just seems so pointless... so commercialized!  I guess maybe its because I see so many focus on sharing "the love" just one day out of the year.  I want my family to know my love 24/7 365 days a year... do I always succeed?  Not by my estimation!  But my family and husband DO know I love them even when I am acting unlovely!    and the other thing... how does it make all my single friends feel.  That they are unlovable?  lonely?  alone?  I pray such is not the case because singleness is most definitely not a case of being unloved!  I guess I just feel more comfortable showing my love for both family and friends throughout the year.  (okay off my soapbox!)   

That aside my hubby still likes to get me a card or write a little note and present me with something special.  Do you know what that dear man did?  He got me this: (picture removed at this time due to technical difficulties!)


You see this is truly a gift of love as he detests the vegetable.  In fact I am the only person in our family who likes it so I NEVER cook it!  
Now I have a little asparagus love in my refrigerator awaiting a brief steam, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon!!

(ON a side note...) remember yesterday's comment about the missing battery and charger to the camera?  Well today the camera is missing, bag and all!  It can really make a person question their sanity.  I guess we will go on a search this evening once the whole gang gets home.  More than likely the youngest will know exactly where it is since I took it with us to take pictures at his school's science fair.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where has the time gone....

Okay I have to admit I have no pictures.... Could someone please tell me why I have no battery in my camera?  And if they know where it is currently being charged as the charger is missing as well.... I really think we have little gnomes who run amuck through our house.  Someone like this fellow who loves nothing more than to have a little laugh!

(courtesy of the Graphics Fairy)

Currently the winds are aloft, the sun is shining and the snow is MELTING!  Oh Happy Day!!

This week ought to be a busy one for us as the eldest is having another birthday... how dare he!!  Doesn't he know he is supposed to stay a little boy for much longer than he did??? Now we are looking at post secondary school plans, preparing for SAT's, finalizing next years class schedule... So in his honor we will be having PiZZA this week. 

My does that boy ever LOVE pizza!!!

(I shudder to admit he is no longer a boy but definite a young man.... my poor breaking heart!)
So in his honor we will have pizza (as if we NEVER have pizza, right...)

And next week,  next week is such an exciting week as we are making a trip to (insert drum roll here!)
OH how I love their spices!  And to think they have a store in Indiana.... and its not too far from my favorite bookstore, the Whole Foods Market, an incredible Goodwill store, as well as Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn.  Can you say oh so happy birthday day?  And guess what I get to spend the whole day with my best friend!!!  Yep, my dear sweet hubby!!  After 20 years of marriage he is STILL my best friend and that friendship and love just grows deeper each passing day!


(And to think I thought there would be no pictures!!!  I just found the "missing" file of all my photos!! Yippee!!!!)

And just to let you know I am joining "megan" over at Beauty in the Attempt in her circle of friends... she is truly a lovely person and I so enjoyed meeting her in person last year....