Monday, June 21, 2010

My "Baby" is almost all grown-up....

I guess I ought to say my firstborn is almost all grown up!  I've watched as this young man

has grown into this young man.

This young man who is diligent in his work, at times mature beyond his years, introverted, a helper at home, and excels at school passed a milestone in his life on Friday...

He got his DRIVER's LICENSE!! 
Passed the written test on Wednesday with a 100 and then passed the driver's exam on Friday.
(All we have to do is add him to our insurance today!)

My little boy is becoming a man... and I am not sure how much I like it.
Yet at the same time I am so excited for him. 
I know he will graduate in two years and then be off to college
or the Marine Corps
or BOTH.

My prayer is that he will continue to grow in the Lord.
That he will draw nearer to his Lord and Saviour as he matures and starts to make more of his own life's decisions.

I just thank the Lord for the years he has given us so far and for the years to come!!!


Wow did we ever have a full weekend!  Friday evening we "worked" at the Relay for Life until the storm hit then there was a stop at Mickey D's on our mad dash home.  I felt so bad for the guy working the drive through as the wind and rain came pouring in his window every time he opened it.  About 10:00 p.m. the pool guy arrived delivering water for the new above ground pool!  Their truck broke down early in the day so they decided to make rounds late into the night... I really should have taken pictures but let's just say I was a little under the weather.  Oh yeah, I had a tooth extracted Thursday morning because there was infection between the roots but not into the jaw.  I know that in itself is an answer to prayer and a blessing in disguise.  I keep telling myself that as the abcess continues to drain.. ugh!  I am currently on a cocktail of penicillin, ibuprofen 800, and hydrocodon (Vicadin which I've not taken yet!!!) for a week, minimum.  Then we reevaluate the "site" and determine if the "course of treatment" needs to be extended an additional 7 days.. :)

But my tooth (or lack thereof) did not slow us down!  On Saturday we puttered around the house a bit more and saw "Prince of Persia" at the theatre as a belated present for Evan.  The boys spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday in here...

By the way, this is what things look like today... We had the storms Friday evening and they have started up again as of early this morning.  There is so much flooding going on around here!!  I feel so bad for the farmer behind us as the amount of field underwater increases as the hour goes by! 

But you should see what was accomplished over a few hours on Saturday... 

Please excuse the bad lighting... this room does not lend itself well to photography without backing (and I no, I did not set any lighting...)  We replaced the old damaged lights (cracked glass from the movers), changed out the white shades, bought a new clock (50% off at Hobby Lobby), purchased a square storage ottoman (70% off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, "old stock"!!) and the rug at Goodwill.  The accessories have been gifts over the years, yard sale finds, or recent "finds" at The Original Treasure Mart.  I love that store!!  It is a consignment/"antique"/flea market type "mart" which has some great stuff!!  I found the Coke crate plus Dr. Pepper and Canda Dry crates for under $10 for the three!  And they are originals!!! We are planing on lowering the TV as it is just too high.  The cords  are not normally "out" for display but its a "game" day today so... :)

And last but not least we BBQ'd for Father's Day!  I know the boys felt bad that we didn't buy Dad any presents or do anything else but I knw he really enjoyed his day.  We went to church together as a family, then came home and vegged for a while before going out to lunch.  After lunch we stopped at a gamer store which is going out of business and the "guys" all bought games.  Our eldest was dropped off at the movie theatre to watch Toy Story 3.  While he was gone we put the new dining room table together which pleased Chris immensely!  I agree with him, we made a good choice... I love the butcher block style and it really does look as if it matches the hutch.  Interesting considering they were made over 150 years apart.  My job this week is to get wood oil to coat and condition the surface!!  Come evening we had barbequed hamburgers, roasted corn, and watermelon!  It was so good....  Chris played one of the new video games with the boys and just really enjoyed his day...

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I am so thankful for the wonderful husband God has graced me with.  He is a kind man who loving cares for his family!  God has truly blessed me with not only my husband but my children, our families, and church family as well!