Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ta Daaa.... The living room!

Yes you read that correctly... the living room in all its glory.  It will never grace the pages of a decor magazine but it is home.  This is where we live and play (when not outside at the pool or playing games at the dining room table!) 

Right now the only change I would make is simply to figure out a way to hide the cord to the TV and remember to install the cleat for the left hand shades. 

Our living room is a cozy place filled with memories, trinkets lovingly purchased from faraway locales, and bits of whimsy.  You can see we have a love of  warm colors, books, and all things old. 

Yes that is a functioning typewriter... well kinda. haha It needs a little TLC as some of  its keys have begun to stick and it needs a new ribbon.  Not bad for a 60 year old typewriter, huh?!  Please don't mind the blue painter tape around our bedroom door.  It will be removed once I finally paint the wall around our door (maybe orange like our bathroom, ha ha!)

This is what you see from the front door.  That used to be a card catalogue from an old high school library! 
Now it holds craft supplies and card games.

And last but not least I wanted you to see what or rather who normally graces our living room.  Our sweet puppy... at 24 months she still has another year before she will reach maturity!!  Lily aka "Lily Lou" or "Miss Lou"

(Now I am sure my husband would love it if our room was done!  It is the next project at hand, well that and putting up veggies!!)