Friday, December 04, 2009

Foto Friday: One feet, two feet, red feet, blue feet

One Feet, two feet, red feet, blue feet...

Ah feet, one has to love Dr. Suesss! I know its supposed to be one foot, two foot, etc but when the guys were little tots we always read it wrong... intentionally!! ha ha.. which left them correcting me and lots of laughter! Yes, I know exposing a little more sole! (sorry for the pun, I just crack myself up sometimes!! I admit it I'm weird... Yep, my son gives me the "look" all the time! but hey what can I say, it must be the company I keep ;)

Today we have limited feet because of those who would protest... HOwever we do have little feet and furry feet or maybe that should be medium feet and furry feet...

And here are the faces to go with the furry feet, big dog and little dog! Lily and Caleb. She is such a big brute looking thing, isn't she? And she isn't even full grown at 18 months! I guess that is what happens when your dad is a Newfoundland and your mom is a Malamute! And Caleb, well he is a little dog cocktail as my husband so profoundly puts it... Chris brought him home as a stray pup!

Come on over to Rebecca's to take a look at all the other feet and to be part of the challenge. Next week's challenge are EYES, the window to the soul! I love eyes!! As much as I love eyes I don't know if I will be able to participate as it will be a "fun" filled week for us. Late Monday night (early Tuesday morning, 0100 to be exact) we fly out of Fairbanks on our journey to Indiana. Chris and I are going house hunting, meeting w/ school counselors, and stopping by his new work place. We will be back Thursday night! Yes, truly a whirlwind trip but it will be fun! And talk about a blessing! We were able to get our plane tickets for $10 a piece, yes you read that correctly! Thank you Lord for mileage plans!

Oops gotta go! We are heading up to "TOWN" today to have the electrical looked at on the Pilot.

Have a great week!!


  1. I really like the last picture with the human foot and dog paws.. hehehe..nice job!

  2. That first picture is cute! I was trying to remember that rhyme form Dr. Suess, but couldn't come up with it for anything!

  3. Have a great trip and good luck with the house hunting! You'll notice our picture is with socks or there would have been complaints. I like the furry feet being included. Great job.

  4. So sorry it has taken me this long to take a gander (and comment) on all the wonderful photos....I've had company since Friday afternoon so I am very thankful to have a moment now to peruse the goods!

    You crack me up! I love your sense of humor.

    Nice photos. I liked your concepts and they are perfectly in focus. You should try sometime, to get down on the floor (on the same plane as the different feet.) It would create an entirely different dynamic of photo and you might be amazed at how different a photo can be if it is of the same subject.

    10 bucks a PIECE??!!?!? I have NO idea how you managed that Incredible. I hope you have not only a safe flight but a productive visit/second not-quite-honeymoon (but pretty close!) ;-)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on the house! Can't wait to hear more details! It is amazing that it is all happening so fast, isn't it?!? God is good!

  6. When will you be moving? BEFORE or after you sell the other house? When does your hubby start work?

    You be SURE and give me your new address, would you please?