Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, Monday, I love that day...

Hmm, I wasn't going to post this week but decided I needed a break from all the mayhem. So I presently sit here looking at the "juice" straining wondering if you can use juice in place of the water in homemade marshmallows. I'll let you know later what I decided.

Today was going to be a day devoted to "sewing" once I got the basic chores done but at 2:30 I'm still working on the basic chores. But it definitely wasn't a wasted "morning"! The boys played out in the blustery wind for a bit, cleaned their rooms, folded a little laundry and then we had a late lunch of pigs in a blanket. Together!! I can't remember the last time I had all three boys at the table for the "noon" meal. Okay I know it has been sometime in the past 6 months but still I really miss it! We ate pigs in a blanket which is pretty awesome since our eldest detests hot dogs but loves a good pig in the blanket. I really think it ought to be a cow in the blanket since we eat all beef hot dogs... Umm, what do you think? Any ideas out there? Anyone else have a view on this? For those that eat turkey franks, it would be a turkey in a blanket, right? Or did I miss the mark on this? Okay so now you can see how my mind has been operating lately!

We are working HARD on slowing down a bit and enjoying life with our boys. They won't be little for long. In fact only one is still somewhat little and he isn't all that little! It really hit me this past week when I realized we have one who will graduate in two years and then the middle boy is only two years behind him! Where did time go? I plan to take advantage of every opportunity I still have left with them at home. So what if it means that the laundry is piled up! So what if it means the jam doesn't get made when my 15 year old asks me to cut his hair because it is getting too long! There are precious few days left so I am going to take advantage of each and every one!! (remind me I said taht a month from now when we are frantically trying to pack and then clean the house days before we move!! ha ha)


  1. I agree - slowing down is well worth it!

    and yes, I think it should be cows in a blanket (we eat the beef ones too). LOL

  2. "pigs in a blanket" is ground beef rolled in cabbage leaves, and cooked in tomato sauce. If you don't believe it, you could ask my mother who made it for me when I was growing up. [in fairness, Donna says it could be either one.]