Friday, December 11, 2009

No photo Friday.... Indiana trip update!

Wow, is it Friday already? Talk about a whirlwind of a week. From the time our flight left on Monday night until we landed on Thursday, Chris and I were gone a total of 72 hours. During that time we had a 6 hour layover in Seattle because of the airport closure/delays at O'Hare, looked at 11 houses, went out shopping and to dinner, Chris met w/ his new "staff", and had appointments with the guidance counselors at two of the three schools.

We also put a bid in on a house and it was accepted... Since getting up Monday morning I've slept a total of 15 hours including be up for 40 hours straight. Yep, it was a crazy week! And satisfying... And I missed the boys something fierce!! All of this explain why there were no foto challenge pictures taken this week.

Chris did take a few of the house which I will post here.

Dontcha just love the master bathroom! I think the toilet is going to be changed out! I may like Harley's but the logo in my bathroom is just a bit too much.. ha ha

Now we are just waiting for all the paperwork. Which reminds me we need to contact our mortgage company.

If nothing happens we will close on February 1st, move in on the 2nd, and Chris will start work on the 3rd. We will leave here around the 20th of January and will drive down. A trip of covering 3714 miles! The house is a little smaller and has no family room but it does have a 2nd bathroom and a 2 car garage. The bedrooms are also much larger than our present rooms. All in all we are pretty excited!

Hmm, I guess I had really better close for now. My thoughts are becoming fuzzy and I'm no longer thinking very coherently... Plus I really want to spend some time with my kiddos! I really, really missed them this week! Oh they are funny! And so dear which reminds me. Do you know what we were greeted by when we got home at 2 o'clock in the morning today? A note on the door saying we goodnight, sweet dreams and I love you plus snacks on the dining room table and a fire in the woodstove! Sean bought cookies and containers at the school's Christmas bazaar with his own money and left us a loving note! Talk about a tender heart! It brought tears to my eyes! And to think he is a teenager! It does my heart good to still hear him call us Mommy and Daddy even at the age of 13!

Night all!!


  1. Thanks Mel! I am getting more excited as the days go by but the cream colored carpet scares me!! With a big BLACK dog, a little tan dog, and three boys... Thank goodness we have a good carpet cleaner and shampooer!! Now I must sort even more!! I have too much furniture. We have 7 bookcases, not to mention miscellanious desks, cabinets, etc!! I'm wondering if I should let the movers pack everything and then have a massive yard sale! ha ha!!

    It is great that Manly is back!! Have a great Christmas!

  2. Goodness Peggy- How exciting! Do you have any offers on the table on this new house? It looks really nice (I did have to laugh about the Harley bathroom though!) :) Talk about serious whirlwind- a short trip and next thing you know you are buying a new house! WOW!!! :)

    Boy, I will be depressed if you guys close before us since we've been waiting for all of this to happen for us since the beginning of October still with no closing date!!!

  3. sorry it has taken me so long to get over here.

    This house looks WONDERFUL! A HARLEY bathroom?!? craziness! Looks like just a new seat is all that is needed. The kitchen has SO much cupboard space!!! And the dining room and living room looks spacious too. So glad all is working out so wonderfull well for you. God is good!

  4. Your new house has open field behind it, and a flagpole in a flower agrden, just like ours! (at least thats what I see).