Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3D paper ornament

While checking e-mails this morning I found this update from How About Orange. 3D paper ornaments! Talk about a great idea! Not only do you end up with an inexpensive attractive ornament but you are recyling as well. Go one over to How about Orange to get the instructions on making these great ornaments! (I won't post a picture until I find out if it is okay if I post her picture! or I'll just post one that I've made myself..)

But stop by and take at look at what she has! So far I've found lots of interesting ideas.. I haven't read all of her posts so I can't vouch for the content but so far I've found nothing vulgar or crass.

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  1. Peggy -
    I will definitely give you feedback on the Etsy process. I don't see your email anywhere so send me a quick note and I'll give you my experience: