Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A sneak peak of the guys' new and improved bathroom

 Hello!  Wow where has the summer gone?  It seems like school just got out but I just realized we only have 3 weeks of summer break left!  Seriously... how did that happen?  The guys agree... between sports camps, music camps, missions trips, day trips, pool parties, and just hanging out together well summer has been speeding by!

But did I mention we have been working on projects?  Together even!!  Yes we are currently giving the guys' bathroom a bit of an update.  Trust me it needed it!! Ha ha!

I give you exhibit A:

Can you say beige, boring, and bland?  The guys even brought up the fact that it was BORING.  Yes it was that bad.

Exhibit B:    new wall color... Sherwin Williams High Tide        

As you can tell its a really hard color to photograph especially since the room has ABSOLUTELY NO exterior light!  Really?  What bathroom has no windows?  Apparently ALL of ours!  Yes, really... it is just crazy if you ask me.

Is this it?  Nope, not even close!  but I'll save the rest for the reveal later this week.  Until then I give you a sneak peak of some of the quirky elements we've added so far. 

plus a bit of artwork!

a great piece of artwork even if I do say so myself... even if the letters are a bit lopsided.  It just fits the room!

All I will say is it got its humble beginnings from this....

Exhibit C

a sheet of styrofoam!!
(stockpiled packing materials from a large package but thats another post in and of itself...)

It Pays To Be Cheap


  1. That towel hook is AWESOME. Makes me think of the tunnel in Labyrinth. "She chose down! She chose down? She chose DOWWWWWN!"

    1. I'm waiting for it to turn into talking hands... LOL

    2. Mel, you made me laugh! I had forgotten all about that scene. In fact I had to think really, really hard about it because it wasn't exactly one of my top 10 movies and it was so LONGGGGGGGGGGG ago that I watched it. ha ha!

      Have a great day! I'll catch up with you later!! :)

  2. I really like the color, it makes the hardwood floor pop more! The bathroom looks pretty small, there isn't much you can do to change it I guess.

    1. Yadira, Thank you! Yes the room is pretty small, roughly 4.5 by 9 feet but it still serves it purpose quite well. This is about the size of any bathroom we have ever had so we are pretty used to it.

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Peggy,

    I can't wait to see the reveal! The sign is so cute :)

    Have a wonderful weekend


  4. Your bathroom looks great. I love the new color!

  5. Oh your bathroom looks wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing more.