Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Searching for a new name

Hello and how are you today?  We've been keeping busy around here... enjoying summer
and all.   
hitting yard sales and coming home with glorious finds such as vintage star molds, mini tart tins, and hammocks.  drinking chai frappes from this glorious concentrate from the delightful Vanessa!

making these adorable stars by the dozens.... okay maybe not the dozens yet but by summer's end!

gathering bundle upon bundle of lavender, enjoying the hydrangeas, and stumbling upon a stack of crates at a divine yard sale... 
$5 a piece... old coke and pepsi crates... yep they have new home now.  
Can I help it if they just followed me home???? (but that's okay as that's where my sweet hubby got his $5 hammock and stand... yepper another vintage find!!!)

after all that rambling we have come to the crux of the matter.... I am changing my blog name.... this one just doesn't feel right any longer.  you know kinda like those shoes you simply adored and then one day you woke up and took a good look at them and discovered, that well, they just weren't a good fit.  the fit was wrong... they just weren't all that comfortable... in fact they kinda pinched your toes.. but whats a girl to do?  get rid of them!!  plain and simple!  yep it might cause some separation anxiety... in fact so much so that you put it off... and put it off and put it off!  but finally one day you notice the dog won't even bother with them any longer.  so off they go..  

So....... now i am striking out, taking that first step

"And what is that first step?" you ask.
Why coming up with a new name!!!

"What will it be?"

Well I don't know... have i ever mentioned i'm not good at snap decisions.  like going to a restaurant... it takes me FOREVER to order.  even if it is only Mickey D's or even worse Starbucks!!!  

and do you know what I normally do?

order the same exact thing!  until recently when i ordered a white chocolate cafe misto (blonde roast) with a splash of raspberry syrup... yep i stepped out and tried something DARING, new, adventurous!! 

(and for the record now its the only thing i order because i love it that much!)

oh the name... well here are a few suggestions...
1. Artifacts for the Future
2. Artifacts of the Future
3. Artifacts from the Future
4. Intrinsically Eclectic
Now.. here is where you come in....
Suggestions... ?????

Do any of the above strike you?  good?  bad?  indifferent?

Comment, e-mail, phone... the votes are out! 

Trust me ALL and ANY suggestions would be appreciated!!
(and yes a decision will definitely be made... before the next decade!)

Have a great day!!  


  1. I do not care for any of the names for your new blog. They don't really stick with me. I feel like I have seen those stars in a magazine somewhere.....

    1. Yadira,

      Thank you, I really do appreciate your opinion! The star pictured above is currently hanging in our bathroom (I just took the new picture 2 days ago.) I made it with scrape book paper and a hot glue gun a year and a half ago to hang on our Christmas tree. When I was a young girl we learned how to make them in art class but I could not remember how to make them. Thankfully I was able to find a tutorial on-line which I linked to. If you have seen those stars in a magazine made from the same, exact materials I would appreciate knowing. Thank you so very much! :)

  2. I have to admit I'm not "over the moon" about any of these title ideas just yet - but when I scrolled down, I saw the title of the next post and for some reason (maybe sleep deprivation? LOL) I saw "The Secret Life of..." as another title idea.

    Which made me think of
    The Secret Life of Stuff
    The Secret Life of Artifacts
    The Secret Life of a Crafter
    The Not-So Secret Life of Stuff...

    etc etc.

    Totally random, but maybe something to get your always SO creative juices flowing. :)


    1. Hel Mel,

      Thank you for your input! I never about the possibility of "The Secret Life of....." but you are right it has possibilities. It is rather amusing the amount of stir it is causing in our household! Chris LOVES "Intrinsicly Eclectic", boyo 2 came up with the "Artifacts" names and he prefer "Artifacts for the Future" (it kinda reminds me of "Back to the Future") and all I can say is the current is there has been a LOT of misunderstanding about the name. Frankly, it just doesn't feel right any longer.... Ya know what I mean?? Once again thank you for your input!! I really do appreciate it! Right now we are in the brainstorming stage.... and you should hear some of the others that the guys came up with!! ha ha!! :)

      take care now!! :)

    2. I see that you haven't changed the name yet - does that mean you're keeping the (incredibly original) original? :D

  3. Hey Peggy!
    I thought it was funny that the last entry won too...I'd never had that happen before, and on top of everything, I actually know her in real life! I thought that was really funny. She is the daughter of a girl I went to high school with, and she lives right in my own little town. She was over the moon excited when I told her she won. I was happy for her...she's a school teacher, and we all know what kind of salary they get. (not enough!) :)
    I'll stew on a new name for your blog and see what I come up with. I honestly wish I had known when I started my blog, how important the name was. I wanted just "Cottage Charm", but that didn't happen. I kinda wish I'd named it something that fit more than just a cottage theme...cause I use a lot of power tools! hee hee hee
    I wish we lived a little closer too...we could have all kinds of fun! I went to yard sales this morning and picked up a few things. I got a vintage stratolina Stetson Fedora with it's original price tag and hat box for $3.00..I looked on Ebay and they have them for over $500.00!!!! I might just have to resale that puppy! lol I found Carson a 1976 Star Wars book, plus a lot of paper back star wars books too. I found Lincoln some UK books, and I found an apothecary jar for me. It's acutally plastic, but that's good because I wanted it to go on my back porch and I won't have to worry so much about it breaking. :)
    I better scoot....I'm meeting a lady in a few minutes that I bought some lamps from at DQ...I just might have to have a blizzard while I'm there! :)

  4. Love your finds, I have an old Pepsi crate that was in our garage when we moved in, I use it all the time! It's just fun! The name, I'm also the worst at making any decision, good luck! :)

  5. The star looks great! Seeing it gives me inspiration to try and make my own. I'm jealous you found those crates for so cheap- my friend and I were looking for some the other day and they were all at least $10 each. I like one of the names with Artifact in it. And while I do like the Intrinsically Eclectic as well it might be hard for people to spell (or maybe that's just me and my horrible spelling skills). Just a thought... good luck with the decision!

  6. Oh what awesome finds!! I love the way you decorated with the crate and how talented you are at making those stars! Sometimes trying to come up with a new name for something can be challenging. I hope you find just the right one!

  7. You really got some over the top finds!!! have plans for them??? : ) hugs and HAPPY 4th!

  8. Peggy, I did use spray paint for my signs! :) Yay...they were so easy! (and cheap!) lol

  9. This is the first time I've ever seen your blog and while the name doesn't feel like a good fit to you anymore, it captured my attention and stood out from the crowd of others. Then after I came to your blog and saw what the name stood for I thought, "I'll never forget that." So, I know if it doesn't feet right to you, it may be time for a change,but the names you suggested definitely wouldn't catch my attention like a good ole' pig log. I was actually directed here by Funky Junk Interiors and she said she loved your blog name. (I'm not the only one!) Oh, and I rarely, rarely comment on people's blogs, I lurk, but I just couldn't keep still on this one!
    Best wishes,

  10. I agree with Becky, I love your blog name. I found you through a post on Funky Junk Interiors and am a new follower. Hope you keep your blog name.

  11. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I really like your original blog name best. It has sentiment that will grow with you as you grow and it is most original! Hope you change your mind. You never out grow originality...

  12. I love your stars! So cute. I'm happily following along. :)

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