Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The details.... "Tuscan" kitchen makeover

Now that Spring break is over and all is quiet around here I thought I would share a few of the details of our kitchen makeover.  I have to be up front with you........ this "makeover" was a LONG process for us as we just weren't sure what we wanted to do.  And because I have agonized over whether or not I ought  to paint oak cabinets.... you know because of how it might affect resale value.  But well, this is OUR HOME.... and WE are living here so we NEEd to do what is best for us (or in this case best for me.... trust me, I'm the only one who spends much time in the kitchen and I LOVE spending time in there now!)

The artwork:

Virtually all the "art" in our kitchen has some sort of special meaning or purpose.... a picnic basket from a yard sale still fully functional, cake stands for entertaining, decorative plates from my childhood in Europe, a grinder like my mom & grandma used to make Grandma's cookies at Christmas, and then the LETTERs.  Yes my husband has a LOVE of typography (as do I) so I thought I would incorporate that love into our kitchen.

I just love our number 5.  It represents our family.  On the way it looks like it came from an old sign but in real life... cardboard, painters tape, and several layers of paint make up this lovely.  

The tin "I"... for our eldest.  In fact each member of our family is represented in our kitchen.  The old zinc/tin "I".... you guessed it. Cardboard again.  And not just any cardboard.... its from a pizza box.  How apropos for a teenager!!

The Hardware: 
All I can say is brass, brass, and more brass!  Ugh, I am NOT a brass person.... give me oil rubbed bronze, chrome, nickel, cast iron, even galvanized but please, please do not make me keep brass.  (and for the record we still have brass hinges but they make me cringe every time I think about it.... but they get the job done so... they will stay the same.. until I spray paint them!)   You can take a look here to see close ups of the new hardware.  The cabinet door handles, all the hinges, and the oven knobs all got a new coat of spray paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Above the kitchen stove you will notice a trivet and a spoon hook.  The hook, well it is a souvenir.... it may or may not have came from the dining facility at our last base.  To this day we have no idea how we ended up with it, just that when we were unpacking after the move we found it.  So as a reminder of all the lovely times we had we made it into a hook.  Yes it was a group effort between the bending (which was no easy feat!) and the pounding to flatten it (that was a LOT of fun!!)

(sorry about the poor quality.... its in an odd space that just does not get good light... and trust me this is not an accurate representation of our red walls... its photographing too pink.)

I guess I really ought to get myself in gear... the next project awaits me.  Art for the dining room (final project) and then its off to work in the spare room or go do a little grocery shopping.  And maybe make up a loaf or two of French bread and some chocolate chip cookies to warm up the house a bit.  

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love your letters! They look exactly like metal. I couldn't believe it when you said a pizza box.....hilarious!


    1. Karianne, Thank you so very much! I really couldn't resist when I was looking for something to make his letter with.... we looked at the stores and everything was too girly! so it seemed only appropriate to make a rough and tough, manly letter out of a pizza box and spray paint!!

      Have a wonderful day! (now I'm off to buy eggs so I can make cappuccino cookies...)

  2. Hey Peggy!
    I'm glad you liked my story....God really IS amazing! I'm always in awe when things like that happen...it makes me know HE cares about every little part of our lives. :)
    As far as the tea towels go...mine are linen and when I first got them, they came with a serious stiffener stuff in them and it took a few washings to get it all out...then they were absorbent, but probably not as as much as your old flour sacks. I LOVE old flour sacks and I too used cloth diapers. They do have some cotton towels on their website, and I bet those would be even more absorbent than the linen ones. They have a lot of pretty ones to choose from...but if you're looking for SUPER aborbent ones, diapers are more absorbent, but these are working for me. :)
    Your letters and numbers are really cute...they sure don't look like cardboard. The letter I looks just like old tin or galvanized metal. :) How fun!
    Better scoot, I have laundry to do. :)