Friday, February 03, 2012

Oil rubbed bronze hardware-a makeover

The sweet "Tuscan" kitchen has new hardware!!!  Yes you read correctly Oil rubbed bronze!!  I know, I know that is so last year but you know what I love it.  When we first moved in I was not crazy about the cabinet handles so we changed them out... brass to nickel/chrome.  Now don't get me wrong because I still ADORE chrome... always have, always will.  Something about that shiny, silvery finish just leaves me all a twitter but hey a girl can broaden her horizons.  Enter cast iron, wrought iron, and oil rubbed bronze.  I don't something about them just scream old world and as we all know that is me... a touch of the "old world", a bit of "modern" and just a smidgeon of country, hmm make that "old world country."  So this week on a whim I decided to drop into Hobby Lobby on a day when I had a splitting headache and could hardly see straight (yes it was mainly because I was in desperate need of a soda but hey it is just across the street so why not stop in, right?)  Then what to my wandering eyes should appear... a sign for 50% off all drawer pulls and knobs.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  Were those really "wrought iron" cup drawer pulls?

So a few minutes later I walked out of the store with these beauties.

And these!

A few days later the chrome was transformed to this!


  1. Okay now these are gorgeous! I think you made a great buy with these. You have done such a wonderful job on your kitchen!!

    1. Thank you so very Alicia! Once I decided to just relax and not fret I began to enjoy the process. It is slow going as not all the changes can be seen as I work on the contents of our cabinets as well. You know the whole meal planning, using what we have, and using more whole foods process. I should say getting back to those things.

      Have a wonderful weekend!!