Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Madras plaid golf pants rehab

I don't know if I mentioned it but this is a busy time of year for our family.  Last week was spring break, then Easter, followed by Chris' birthday.  In celebration of my beloved's day of birth we took a trip down to Indianapolis, just the two of us... and who sings that song?  anyone..... no fair checking... okay I admit it, I had to check myself to find out.  But I am sure Chris knows, cause he's smart like that!  Seriously, he never ceases to amaze with the things he knows.

Oh sorry!  That would be Bill Whithers!  Man, I love the sax solo in this song!

What did we do in Indy?  Why a bit of goodwilling!  Yep you heard correctly.... we went from Goodwill shop to Goodwill shop.  Some were crossed off our list of return locations but other were true gold mines.
Chris came away with some seriously nice shirts and khakis.  But seriously I think I am the one who made out like a bandit! I mean look at these.....
Don't you wish you had a pair just like them?!
(They are men's which about did me in!! )
(& i forgot to take a picture before i hacked the legs off so i had to set them back together.)

But do you want to see what they look like now?
Seriously, aren't you the least bit curious?

Okay.... here are the new, revised madras plaid golf pants....

And do you know what?  My 18 year son came out of his room and gave me the highest compliment....
"Cool bag, Mom!"  

And I finally got to use the flowers I made over a year ago.... now if only I could remember how to make them again.

Have a blessed day,

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  1. Your are so crafty. It is beautiful

    1. Thank you so very much! It is kinda funny because when Chris noticed me holding them he was appalled! But I knew the pattern was great, just not in a pair of pants. Talk to you later!

  2. Megan Hogate6:10 PM

    I love it!!! So cute! you inspire me! Miss you!

    1. Thanks, Megan! I miss you too, girl! If you EVER get anywhere even close to our next of the woods you MUST let me know!

  3. So awesome!! I'm in love :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Mel! I just pulled out the pattern you sent me..... patterns scare me because it means I have to follow directions. :) This bag it was fun! I'm going to start looking for some funky patterned girls pants to make into bags. They are so FUN! I'll just have to find homes because if I'm not careful they will take over the place.

  5. That's a WINNER: HOLE IN 1. Love that transformation. Darlinggg! So, I am inviting you /your creative ideas over to our party at Our readers would love to find this!

  6. I hope to God my husband never wants to wear a pair of pants like that! I'd rather he carried the purse, that's cool!


    1. Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun making this bag especially since our eldest was home sick and started offering his "advice" which was spot on! (he's got great taste!)

      And you should have seen my husband's face when he saw me walk up holding the pants... total mortification! I reassured him that A.) they were NOT his size (too big) and 2) they would make a great bag. He still wasn't too sure about it but once it was sewn up he had to admit he liked it. (and I can carry a TON in the bag!)

  7. You did an awesome purse! I love the bright colors.....perfect for spring! And the flowers are the best!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. Oh my now I am going to head to Goodwill to see if I can find some pants like thsse!! This purse turned out amazing.

  9. Peggy--I can't believe that you were able to salvage THOSE pants! great bag!


  10. Really cute! I follow you from Catalonia, Spain ;)

  11. Very, very clever and so much better looking as a bag. Hard to believe those were ever worn as pants:-)

  12. Girl, you rocked that pair of plaid pants to the hilt! :) I would never have thought of using them for a cute bag..I would have made a joke about how ugly they were and put them back, but that bag is adorable!!! :)
    I can't wait to see my window seat finished too...I'm tired! :) I still have so much more to go, but at least it's getting there.
    We had a good time at district council this week, but it wore me out. I did get to go see my grandparents while I was there though, so that was wonderful. They only lived about 20 minutes from our hotel. :) I hadn't seem them in YEARS!
    We are having a ladies tea today at our church. I'll try to remember to take pics so I can share them on my blog...I got to decorate a table with all my own was fun! (and turned out so pretty!)
    Love ya much!

  13. You did a fantastic job with the bag. It is super cute.

  14. I have just come across an insane amount of jeans that were in my garage, I'd love to make some bags with some of them! Do you have a pattern or even vague instructions?

    1. Lori,

      No I did not have a pattern but it is a pretty simple project to make. Just cut both legs off the jeans. Since I wanted to use the pockets but found the pants to be a bit larger than I like I simply cut out the front on either side of the zipper. pin bottom and side together so that there is a back pocket on each side, stitch bottom and side. make boxed corners if desired. use legs to form strap to desired length. sew to bag. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.... once school is back in session next week I will be doing up a detailed tutorial for this bag using old decommissioned ABU's and BDU's if you would prefer step by step instructions. Have a great day!