Wednesday, April 27, 2011


How does the saying go "April showers bring May flowers?"  If that is the case our May ought to be filled with flowers!  Recently our days have been looking a lot like this....

and this 

and this

Now don't get me wrong... it makes for a dramatic picture with a sky of swirling clouds in a beautiful shade of gun metal grey and the birds chirping their happy little songs in the background.  In fact I love having the windows open a smidge to clear out the winter funk of three young men (yeah I guess it is time to admit they are young men...not "boys" any more! but I am still holding holding out on the youngest at soon to be 12!) and one big, sometimes stinky dog!  However these same weather conditions do nothing for our building project or gardening for that matter.  And don't get me on the plight of the poor farmers.  I mean seriously these folks were able to have over half of the corn crop in by this time last year and they haven't gotten a single seed in the ground this year.  Which means reduced yield this fall!  I truly feel bad for the farmers, not just here but every where!  We grip and groan about the rising cost of food in the stores but do you see any farmers getting rich?  NOpe, not even CLOSE!  In fact some are even slowly losing money due to the high cost of fuel and equipment maintenance and for others its not even close to a slow lose.  Sorry about the rant... I love farmers and I really do feel for their plight!  

Okay now where was I?  Oh yeah the weather... which was really part of me explaining why I haven't posted much of anything in FOREVER.  See with the building project I haven't been doing any crafting or much of anything worthy of posting.  My time has been preoccupied with sorting papers, drawing and redrawing floor plans, looking at plumbing and lighting fixtures, sorting more papers and cleaning.  Yeah tons of exciting stuff..... Oh we have also been dealing with all the initial orthodontist appointments, final podiatrist appointments, junior high scheduling, high school scheduling, track practice, children's play practice at church, youth band practice, mission trip training sessions, high school play practice (tech crew),  and a muddy backyard which is now off limits due to open fence.  Did I mention we have a BIG dog?  She loves her backyard but is now relegated to a tree in the front instead of the porch as she tried and almost successfully removed a support post on the front porch.  It now leans to the left just a smidge... As I said not a lot of exciting stuff.  Just normal, every day hum drum stuff that I am oh so grateful for!  It all tells me that my "boys" are thriving and healthy and enjoying life.  That they are growing in the Lord and are developing deeper friendships.  They are stretching and finding their limits, sometimes even moving beyond them.  They are growing up and I am trying my hardest to step back a bit and enjoy it with them!  

Did I mention we are ALL super excited about the prospect of the family room?  NO work today due to weather but the new sliding patio door plus all the windows and interior doors are to be delivered today!! Yippee!

The openings for the powder room and craft/music/guest room.
(finished room size: powder room 5'x5', guest room 10'2x11')

The family room looking into the dining room.  The door be removed and widened a bit to become the opening into the main portion of the house.
(finished family room size 15'7"x14')
(and now I wondering if we should have gone 15'7"x15 on the family room and 10'x10' on the guest/craft/music room???? oh no! what did i do?  breath deep it'll be ok!)

The family room.  The double windows will go in the opening on the left.  The opening on the right is actually where the new patio doors will be installed.  Right now it has a full sheet of particle board laying across the opening.  As you can see we still have a little bit of moisture on the "floor" from the last storm which hit before they could get the space completely enclosed.

As you can see "we" are making progress.  Who am I kidding?  They are making progress!  We are praying it will be done, completed, fine, esta bien? Si.  Thank you!

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