Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break!!


Most of which was spent at home sleeping in, watching movies, and generally being LAZY!  but we did take Chris was able to get a day off mid week and we went to the 

We had a wonderful time!

I can't even begin to post all the pictures which were taken.  Sean took possession of the camera on the drive and lets just say almost 400 pictures later when the battery died (oops I knew I forgot to do something the day before!) he handed it back. 

The only one of Chris and I...

And our eldest being silly...

Yep the humor of boys!  
Gives a whole new perspective to Pickin' and Grinnin', huh?

I have to admit I love it when we can catch Ian being silly as he can come across as such a serious young man.  And I see Sean managed to capture a single picture of Evan, in motion!  But then that is pretty much his nature state right now... constant motion especially when he gets to just be a kid with his older brothers.  

More spectacular displays!

And lunch!  Yep Chris figured if we drove all that way we may as well stop in at a Famous Dave's.

 we followed this truck from the museum for a ways and then finally passed it... about 30 minutes after we got to the restaurant they drove in!

We refrained from going to my favorite store which was only 20 minutes away because Famous Dave and my stomach were NOT agreeing on this trip.  However the trip home was uneventful THANKFULLY!

All in all we had a wonderful Spring Break from school.  Now we are just waiting for the school year to end.  The boys are very excited for different reasons.  Evan will start junior high next year.  Sean will be a sophomore and marching band practice starts back up in June.  And Ian will only have one year of school left and is already looking towards graduation in a year.  And for me... well they are ALL reasons that I would love to turn back the hands of time!


  1. Now that looks like a GREAT time, and obviously much needed, I have faith that your new room aditions will soon be done and you will happily be in there crafting your little heart out again one day soon.

    Good luck with the weather I will not send you pictures of ours as the sun is bright and the sky is blue with a temp of about 90.

    Happy remodeling Leila

  2. Leila,
    Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy your beautiful sunshine and blue skies for us! Before we know it summer will be here as well!!! :)

    And we did have a marvelous time! I would recommend the Creation Museum to anyone who has never gone before. And their gardens are beautiful!

    Once again thanks for stopping by!