Thursday, April 28, 2011

Epic Room makeover Giveaway! voting open!!!

The link has now gone LIVE for voting... click on the link and vote for us, entry #78 (Peggy)! 

(This post had to be redone as I accidentally crashed it... don't ask how because even I'm not sure!!)
Okay so I finally took the plunge!  I have been hemming and hawing over whether I should do this or not but decided... NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED!  So I am officially entering our addition for the

As some of you know we moved from Alaska to Indiana just over a year ago.  We  down sized from a two story cedar sided 1850 square foot home with an incredible view of Mt. McKinley visible from our house length covered porch sitting on 10 acres to a 1250 square foot one story home situated on less than 1/2 an acre surrounded by an organic farm (which we love 'cause they have sheep that bound through the pasture in spring!)  Yep you read that correctly 1850 to 1250 square feet!  And we still have the same number of people in our family... FIVE plus a HUGE dog!

So we decided to have an addition added.  You know the story... we didn't want to try and sell our tiny but relatively cute home due to the housing market or should I say lack of selling market!  
So lets build!  We get to make all the choices ourselves, etc, etc, etc.
That was back in December... fast forward 5 months and we are still in the building process due to unforeseen weather issues!
However we are getting close to the end as it is all inside work....

AND I am NOW drawing a blank!

Once the old patio door is removed this will become the opening between the dining room and family room.

The sliding patio door was installed Friday... 
Double windows will be installed next week in the opening to the left.

Door to powder room on the left and BIG door to guest/craft/music room on the right.

Did I mention there are updates being made daily? 
And decisions to be made daily? 
And our projected finish date is late May?
I will be possibly updating daily depending on the progress that is made...
(Update: Next week... new windows, plumbing, and possibly electrical!)

I mean I know how to decorate on a budget 
my craftiness is at a all time low...

I think Mandi has some great ideas and I would be honored to have her assitance!  Okay lets get real here... it would be more like me tagging along cause as I said my brain is fried!

Did I also mention our youngest starts junior high in the fall, our eldest will graduate next year and is toying with joining the USMC instead of going to college first, and our middle son is asking us to take on some leadership positions in the band boosters?  
Oh and my husband is contemplating retiring off active duty next year as well!

And here is the KICKER.... we lost our decorating budget!!!
How you ask?

Well this was our first year living in Indiana and we discovered a wicked thing called county taxes!  Who knew that they were NOT taken out with the STATE TAXES.  
Yep the amount was staggering to say the least!  
(if you really want to know the amount feel free to e-mail me)
But it took ALL the money I had saved up to decorate with plus part of our final payment on the addition.
Can you see why I am feeling a bit over whelmed?  

Yep I am calling out all the stops and begging for votes!  
In case I didn't mention it the addition will be used as the family room... you know an area to watch movies, play video games.
plus a room off it to do crafts, use as a music practice room (cause we have a marimba player and a soon to be alto saxophonist) and to use as a guest room since ALL our family lives a minimum of 600 miles away!!!

 We would be of so grateful if you found it in your heart to vote for us!!
Thank you!!

P.S.  I almost forgot to add that we have some really cool stuff that can be used to decorate with such as this 1920's steamer trunk which we found at a yard sale a number of years ago

And this hutch that has been in the family since the Civil War.

Thank you for stopping by!!
I REALLY, REally, really appreciate it!


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  1. Peg!
    I am so glad that you entered! I cant wait to see it with windows!! Good luck my dear!

    Love your guts