Tuesday, April 26, 2011

walls and rain and Easter and...

I can't believe the month is almost over!  I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing about how I can hardly believe so much time has passed.  But that seems to be our life recently, as in the past 5 years, ha ha!!  Not that I mind but it sure does make childhood go by far too quickly for my tastes.

Now lets see where are we... that's right we have an addition being built!  Two days ago we were here... a roof but no walls.

Can you tell we've had a "little bit" of rain recently?  And it is supposed to start raining again today and continue for the remainder of the week.  The grass sure is nice and green!  So far we have had 1 dry day for every 4 days of  of thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Thankfully we have been protected and have had no damage!  

I will have an update of more pictures to this post in a few hours but don't want to disturb the builders whilst they are furiously working to beat the next storm system. :)

Inside much has been going on as well.  I have a new chalk "board"!

It is the chalkboard contact paper available at Michael's, 18"x 6' but I only used 5 feet I think.  
We love it for keeping track of all the projects going on plus our "needs" lists!

And we had an absolutely wonderful Easter!!  It was a very quiet day as there was no Sunday school or evening services,  just the morning service spent in worship of our risen Lord and Savior!  
Yes I have to admit we did the annual hide the Easter baskets for the boys.  It is getting hard as they are all old enough that we really have to truly ingenious in the hiding places.
Later in the afternoon we had lovely dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, pistachio salad with the "fruit" flavored miniature marshmallows, peas, and buttermilk biscuits.  

My silly boys hiding their faces as we were setting the table.  Ah yes there is no table cloth as we have misplaced them!  Seriously all of my table cloths have gone missing as we prepared for the addition.  And no one knows where they might be.  
This makes me a bit sad as I have some lovely old linens that I love to use for special occasions such as Easter and birthdays and Mother's Day!
And we have absolutely NO IDEA what has become of them!

Our festive center piece.

Kumquats ($.50 reduced for quick sale) and artificial ranunculus which were on sale as well.
Both part of my Easter "basket" which is the tall glass vase seen on the hutch in the previous picture.  
A lovely buy at Goodwill for $1.99 (and half off to boot!)

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