Saturday, April 30, 2011

I love me some posies!

Today has been a busy day already and it is just barely passed noon... well in a matter of speaking, ha ha!

Today a dear friend of ours is having a yard sale.  Well really her friends are hosting it for her so that it won't be too painful.  You see our dear Miss "R" recently moved out of her home of over 50 years into a lovely two bedroom apartment in a retirement community.  She is truly an amazing Christian lady!  While living in this home she lovingly raised her family and buried two husbands.  Her home has been a haven of respite as missionaries traveled through our region.  And she is an artist... painter in oils and water colour, seamstress, writer, stained glass artist, needlework, baker and the list goes on.  To this day she makes cards to send out to our missionary ladies!!    Today I bought two pieces of art by Miss "R".

Now we all know I just can't leave things alone.
So I made a change or two to the frame.

I love how the colors really pop now!

In time I plan to do a little trim this picture down a smidge to be this size....
Can you see this with a somewhat chunky brushed nickel frame?
Or maybe chunk antique white frame?

I love it that we are able to own artwork that has meaning to our family!

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