Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goodwill makeovers....

It is a beautiful day out but I decided it was time I start "showcasing" the Goodwill makeovers.  I must admit I haven't done much because while in a bronchitis/sinus infection induced stupor I "stashed" my Goodwill swag someplace "SAFE."  We still can't find it!! LOL  So after a week of intermittent searching I decided the time had come to move on.  So we are moving on.... I know it will be found and right now there are more important projects to complete so once the boys' bedrooms are finished the search will start again (if its still lost, ha ha!)
First in the line-up of makeovers is this loverly pillow.  I know some of you might like it but it just wasn't our cuppa tea. 

Now the new look! 

You should hear my family clamoring over this pillow... Evan wants his own, Ian wants the number 29 on his, Chris has asked for either number 1 or 72, and Sean, well I don't think he has voiced an opinion.  Oh, yes he has... He thinks that we ought to have 5 pillows with the numbers 1 thru 5 denoting each family member.  Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am off to hang sheets on the neighbor's clothesline... She called and left a message this morning saying they would be gone all day so I was more than welcome to come over and use it!  Trust me, that is one of the most thoughtful things she could have done!!  I just heard the washer finishing spinning so its off to hangs linens! 

Now to leave you with a little bit of spring!

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