Friday, April 09, 2010

Foto Friday: Blue

I would like to say thank you for all the well wishes!! I can say that even though it has been a trying few weeks we are on the mend, both physically and mentally!! For those of you who do not know our little dog Caleb was hit by a car just over a week ago... We do miss him terribly! He was a faithful companion, loving, a friend to all but in his death we learned some valuable life lessons. One of which is our disobedience not only affects us but those around us as well. i.e. Caleb worked his way off his cable to go where he was not allowed, across the road. The result was his death, sad friends, family, and puppy (our other dog!) How often are we disobedient to God yet think our disobediance affects no one else other than ourselves!! Okay off my soapbox!! :)

Now on to Foto Friday... Oh how I've missed this! I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's post in the past weeks... This week it is blue. We have all enjoyed the glorious sunshine, blue skies, and warm temperatures here!!
Blue skies, nothing but blue skies from now on...

Old blue tiles from Europe, cracked yet loved.

Modern French Impressionism.... makes me long for the Mediterranian coast of France. Never seen it the Med anywhere but Italy.  Ah... childhood memories!

Beautiful baby blues.. the only ones in our immediate family!! Don't they just make your swoon!  I know they make me swoon!!!
I love to see how they light up when he laughs!

The building blocks for Chris' 40th birthday cake.  A pyramind of 40 Ding Dongs w/ 40 candles.  Its what he asked for!  I love that man!! 

Please join us over at Rebecca's for more Foto Friday!!

Next week: Yellow!!  Umm I love yellow! and orange, and lime green, and chocolate brown and... Do you think I like color? Ha ha...


  1. those are ADELE'S EYES! Dark blue around the edges, golden in the center. Wow. So cool!

    So glad to have you back (and so very sorry about your puppy!) Be well.

  2. I love the Austria tile .. so perfect!

  3. The tiles are great!

  4. A dingdong cake? Very cool!

  5. What beautiful blue eyes!!!

    The ding-dong pyramid is a great idea. I occassionally make an icecream cake using icecream sandwiches.

  6. I love the eyes! I have two with blue eyes like that but I didn't get the opportunity to photo them this week.

    I'm sorry about your dog.

  7. Hi Peggy :)
    Good to "see" you :)

    I loved the sky shot, these days make me so happy! I also loved those eyes, they are awesome :)