Thursday, April 15, 2010

ORB loveliness

Yes, I have now succumbed to the siren call of ORB (oil-rubbed bronze!) No brassy accents for me, just oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and a touch of aged chrome. These lovelies were found recently at Goodwill.

For me their lines are reminiscent of colonial plantations in the tropics. Now the same ladies dressed in a gown of oil rubbed bronze.

All we need is a lamp shade and maybe some pineapple finials. Well, we shall see about the finials.

The only tragedy lies in the fact that my can of ORB is almost gone... The can of Oil Rubbed Bronze from my Goodwill Swag bag which is still conspicuously missing. Hmm...

Oh and lest we forget the Ding Dong "cake" aka pyramid from my sweetie's birthday!


A word to the wise, be VERY careful on how many candles you light.  The coating on the Ding Dongs begin to melt otherwise.  Ask me how I know.... :) hee hee!


  1. Loved those lamps, they are GORGEOUS! Thanks for the tip about the pyramid "cake" you made :) You made me smile!!!

  2. ORB is such a wonderful thing...and I LOVE the ding dong cake. My uncle ADORES those. :)

    I just wanted to thank you for your support and friendship. Your prayers have given me a new strength in myself..and a new strength for my family.

    Thank you...