Monday, March 22, 2010

A week long break....

I really hate to do this but I am going to have to take the better part of this week off. You see last week I injured my right shoulder/neck (moved something I ought not have... you know how it goes!) and typing aggrevates it! So I am going to give it a little time to heal... I've discovered it really is aggrevating to have to move your whole body to look to the right, ha ha! That will teach me to move insanely large boxes filled w/ books! I mean I have men in the family!! As you can tell patience is not one of my strong points but I am relearning the meaning of the word right now!

So enjoy your week and I will see you in a week (maybe earlier... hee hee!)


  1. ouch! sorry to hear that. I hope you take it easy and are feeling better real soon.

  2. Gail, thank you! I scored a few window frames over the weekend so I am going to work on getting my supplies together to make a memo board! We don't have a calendar at present and the refrigerator is becoming message central so... Yeah I already have an old rimmed cookie sheet that can't be used to bake on. Once I get the dimensions it will be cut down to fit one of the panes! Woo hoo, magnetic, chalk board, calender and memo board (all-in-one!! Can you tell I am excited?

  3. Take care!!! We will be here...just want you back to 100%. :)

  4. cathy8:18 AM

    Your living looks so much better then a week ago. You guys must have really worked hard over the weekend. It looks great. Sorry to hear about your injury. I have done that a few times and have learned to ask for help. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe a farm visit would be good next week!

  5. Peggy, hope you have recovered by now! THANK YOU for the link to the thing about the editor and my photo size... it was exactly what I needed to do to fix my problem. I so appreciate you taking the time to help me :)


  6. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I just read your comment on Shona's blog about the terrible accident with your son's dog. When you wrote about how close they were and how much time they spent together it really broke my heart. Just wanted to let you know a complete stranger felt for your family's loss.

  7. I hope that you've had some time to rest and relax and that your injury has completely healed. I'm also so very sorry to hear about the heartbreaking accident and your son's dog. You and all of your family are in my thoughts.

    P.S. Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway.

  8. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Hope you're feeling better!