Thursday, March 18, 2010

A sneak peek...

(view standing in opening to dining room)
Well, we are FINALLY starting to see progress as we settle into our new home. So, I decided it was time to give you a peek at our progress. The books cases are empty for the moment but it feels so good to have a pretty room in which to relax! See the area rug... Thank you very much Goodwill and Becki at infarrantly creative! You had no idea what an impact it would make on our living room, did you? And the lamp? Oil-rubbed bronze from our swag bags! I was surprised at how much Chris LOVES it! He started naming off all kinds of things he would like to see spray painted. I love that man!!

(front door view)

You know how I sometimes reference our dogs... Well the behemoth you see in front of the sofa is Lily, our "puppy!" And no she is not standing on anything aside from the carpet, big moose of a dog that she is. At 22 months old she hasn't reached her full size. A couple more inches, a few more pounds and another year will bring her to maturity! Who knew that a Newfoundland/Malamute mix stayed "puppies" for 3 years? We didn't but we sure do love her just the same (I say this now when I am not frustrated beyond belief with her! ha ha)

Does anyone have any ideas for window treatments? I DO NOT LIKE THESE DRAPES! I know we have a table and sofa in front of the window but just couldn't figure out how to make it work any other way. We wanted a defined "entry way" plus open access to our room and the dining room. I really appreciate any ideas you might have.


  1. IT looks great! You've been busy!
    I have moving, but what a great feeling once it is all done!
    I love the oil rubbed bronze too!

  2. Have you ever thought about getting on the drape cloth bandwagon? They are uber cheap and you can "mistreat" them to make them more individualized. I am working them in our master bedroom. AND they block out light or let light in..whichever you are craving at the time. If you play off the colors in the could trim them oh so sweeting with the blue or spice or chocolate....Let me know! You KNOW I love decorating. :)


  3. You know I have been contemplating drop cloths for our bedroom. So do they work really well for blocking out light? Chris teases me about having the thinnest eyelids on the planet! :) I think the tab top curtains in our bedroom would look really nice out in the living room. I could even change out the buttons and add some trim to add a little visual punch! Please feel free to advice away!! I definitely didn't inherit the decorating flair of my cousins.

  4. It looks awesome! And yeah, I could have told you that about the puppy stage. LOL Guess that would have been a helpful warning. ;-)

  5. PS When you have a minute, email me your new mailing addy. I still have your AK one. Oops!

  6. It is a lovely room the drapes match the wall color.Trish

  7. LOVE it! Thanks for the direction to your blog. So I'm not the only one who wants to put a TV on a trunk! THANK You. =)